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The Best

By llanos
Written June 14, 2013
Original, fresh and new! It's not 1978 nor should we try and bring it back. Man of Steel is the GREATEST action hero movie EVER made. Period!
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This Superman will become a classic

By jackiebunch
Written July 08, 2013
This movie was epic! At last a look at the loneliness and conflicted emotions felt by Superman from childhood through adulthood and great pains that he took to hide his identity. Henry Cavill's performance was superb. This is a must see movie. Unlike any other portrayal of this classic comic book hero. The cinematogrophy, the score, the action scenes and the heart wrenching emotion are top notch. I am definetly going to see this movie again.
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Man of Steel Very Good

By margaretangel74
Written August 02, 2014
I thought the movie was well done and action packed. I even teared up once. It had every element of a Great Movie. It is a Must See Again and Again. It will be one that we purchase on DVD or BluRay.
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Super what???

By word 2yomutha
Written September 30, 2014
Superman: Man of Steel was a hot mess of a movie. To a true aficinado of Superman comics, it was filled with a boat load of inaacuracies. Lois Lane knowing the "true" identity of Superman? Bah! No Jimmy Olsen? Huh? Superman snapping the neck of General Zod? Double bah! However it did keep my attention up until the last 30-40 minutes, mostly because I was trying to figure out where it was going...But the last 40 minutes dragged on and on and on. Okay, I got it: Superman and the other Kryptonians were equally matched, but endless scenes of buildings being destroyed was...well, repetitive and hackneyed. Cut out Superman and throw in a Transformer or two, and well, you have the same movie scene. I did like the relationship between Superman and his mother, Martha Kent. I also liked, for some reason, the beginning scenes on Krypton, although I had no idea that Krypton had evolved to the point where natural childbirth was forbidden. Go figure. Save $, and see it on Netflix!
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Met expectations, I recommend it.

By universologist
Written June 14, 2013
We enjoyed it. Great music and special effects. Moments of brilliance. There were some dilemmas and bizarre lines and sequences. Get through the middle part of it and you won't be disappointed by the end!
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