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Man of Sellout

By sajansaini
Written June 15, 2013
What a hot mess of a film. The ludicrous plot, the militarized depiction of Krypton and visual shift from elegiac super beings to armored iron soldiers, the disaster-pornography that obsesses with destroying buildings and cities with zero regard for the toll of a catastrophe on human beings and their societies... is this what's left to say about American dreams, in the 21st century? The filmmaker and script-writer have fashioned a film that fails to draw the audience into a story animated by compelling characters. Instead of investing energies into marketing promos for pancakes houses, shaving blades and tiny plastic toys, if only there were a more clear-eyed commitment to recognizing the romance and adventure of Superman. Instead, we get false brooding and posturing, and lots of spectacle-- stuff flies up, stuff blows up, emotions get rushed. If Richard Donner still cares, he might be chuckling to himself this weekend. Superman 1978, still the triumph in superhero narratives.
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Different but good

By mcmickle
Written June 17, 2013
So this movie was a little atypical from typical superman movie or tv show. The story is a little choppy and the occasional documentary style camera work during the flash backs can make it a little hard to watch. That being said, by the end of everything I came out excited about the superman character and direction. The fight scenes were awesome and they took the time to attend to some small details in the legend. Henry Cavill was awesome as well! If you are thinking about see it, then go. Be prepared for a slightly different style movie than you are used to when you go to the theater though.
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This is my Favorite Superman sine George Reeve

By patrickmonagle
Written June 19, 2013
I too have been a fan of Superman for most of my life (lest just say 50+) I grew up on George Reeve on TV and all the titles in DC. I was a little disappointed in the Christopher Reeves movies because they were a little to comical for my taste. This movie, although it rewrites some of the basic anchor points of the Superman history or timeline, is still the best. I sat through the entire movie and was thrilled by all aspects of "Man of Steel". I liked the fact that this movie did not take the time to go through his whole life on Earth. The highlights in the film filled in enough to fill in what was needed and still keep the plot and action rolling. I hope this Producer, Director and Henry Cavill will do a sequel.
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Man of Steel from One who knows

By michaelfaye2011
Written July 10, 2013
I guess everybody has the right to make a movie in their own interpretation. The movie in general was good but dragged in certain areas. I have been a Superman fan since 1953. This one is different for sure. I can deal with the red shorts being gone but not the S on the back of the cape. It looks like a Roman gladiator cape. Furthermore, the biggest negative on this film is the music, or lack of. Superman is always associated with a powerful theme. This is neither exciting nor impressive. it just gives the move a lack of luster and excitement. Zack, listen up, Trust me on this. The music sucks.
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They retold the orgin AGAIN

By johathon
Written January 31, 2015
This would have been a good movie. I'm just mistified by the fact that superman is world known and they still need to retell his orgin AGAIN. What a waste of 45 minutes. And WTF, EVERYONE knows it's Clark now. Dear god even Lois knows who he is. And she leaked the story to the internet. Why not just have him and iron man on the same press conference, least then marvel can completely kick DC butt in movies. Anyway the FX were cool the story was ok, the acting about average. I should have waited for the DVD tho. Go see it or don't. not like i get a piece of the profit
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