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By poochillio
Written June 15, 2013
Read the reviews before going so i went with low expectations.... For the first time in a long time i came out of this movie ready and WILLING to go right back in and watch it a second time. I would love to see a video of my facial expressions as i watched this. BLOWN away. There is no describing it you leave the theater exhausted and giddy as a 10 year old child. I dont want to spoil anything for anyone. Pay for Imax. do not scrimp on this movie. Stunned is the best word i can think of. Going again I have NO PROBLEM paying 16 bucks to see this again at IMAX. Enjoy guys and forget the critics.
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Superman Superman Superman

By rsmguy13
Written May 22, 2017
That's all everyone will be talking about all summer long so you might as well get used to it now. I had your fears; how could they make me care about the back story with another huffy puffy Jorel. Another over qualified actress to play his Earth mother, Diane Lane? Are you freaking kidding? Genius. Kevin Costner as the man in the role to help Clark develop his young goals and answering that same question us 50 year olds have trouble answering "sometimes you have to determine what type of man you want to be." Lines like that delivered by Kevin Costner in a baseball hat while talking about anger, love and baseball was worth the ticket price alone. So I've seen most of Amy Adam's movies, this young lady knows how to walk in heals. Has great taste in aliens and a backup plan B as a fighter pilot. Lets just say it, Amy Adams is a natural, is Lois Lane and has again solidified her place in this decade; I hope you don't think I understate when I say that Amy Adams took less
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Great Movie

By gregg13
Written September 29, 2016
Director Zack Synder says the religious symbolism is a part of the Superman story that he wanted to embrace. Since the creation of Superman it's been said that Superman is a type of Christ figure. For example, his heavenly Kryptonian father sends his only son to earth to save mankind. Also, Superman is 33 years old when he finally reveals his great powers to the world -- the same age as Jesus when He went to the cross.
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A Must See!!!

By razchic
Written July 23, 2016
This movie was fantastic from the beginning to the end. A great beginning story. I will not say to much as I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Its a must see. Henry Cavill as superman was a perfect fit.
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This is a great reintroduction Superman

By jmryan448
Written July 01, 2016
One of the better stories - of many - of Superman. This is another origin story by DC comics, but Nolan and Snyder address it well. It's not the Christopher Reeve's shucks-and-clumsy Superman, but more a transitional period of Superman's life and how the world will accept him. Most people can relate. Thats all I am going to say. Critics are hard for some snobbish reason, but this movie is full of fun, action, and amazing special effects. That are the pros, the cons is the trivial Superman-Lane relationship (which I thought was not a big deal since the other aspects of the movie were the real story). I heard a lot of critics state "lack of character development" and I am here to say - It's Freaking Superman!!!! If one knows little of Superman, they know the basics and that's all one needs to know. Sit back and enjoy the movie.
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