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Man of Steel Can't Be Touched!!

By EJMoviez
Written June 26, 2016
What can I say about Man of Steel? Well, in small was a good movie. Now how I really feel about it...BEST STAND ALONE COMIC BOOK MOVIE I HAVE SEEN!! Warner Bros. finally delivered with a DC character besides Batman (I give that credit to Christopher Nolan). This is a great start for Warner Bros. to build a DC Universe. The movie is AWESOME!! The story was top notch(one of David Goyer's best writing), acting was brilliant(Henry Cavill a great Superman), amazing fight scenes, amazing CGI, and a GREAT score of music by Hans Zimmer!! I absolutely love the way Zach Snyder told this story and his direction is spot on!!
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Could have been perfect!

By comingbackhome
Written June 30, 2016
First of all, I think Henry Cavill is definitely the best superman to date and the film itself was excellent. Unfortunately, I cannot say that this film was the best superhero film ever, which I was hoping would be the case, and I doubt it'll be considered the best film of the year (although it may hold that title up to now). It had all the elements to be the perfect film, the right score, enthralling dialogue, excellent cinematography, and a great cast. But some of the characters were left underdeveloped, the chronology felt somewhat disjointed, and the overall flow left many scenes feeling as though some elements were missing. I kind of think of the film as a collection of beautiful and intense artistic segments that all happen to be part of the same story, which I suppose is cool because that may be construed as capturing some comic book elements. Still, the scenes in the movie were so captivating and well executed that I don't think Snyder needed to get creative with chronology.
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By baileyma
Written May 05, 2015
Loved the movie and the new Superman! I didn't see it in 3D, but it was still one of the best movies so far this year.
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Man of Steel Revived

By jghenry1422
Written May 28, 2016
My girlfriend and her Dad both really liked this movie and thus recommended it to me. I had no idea what to expect of it except that I knew of the basic storyline. This movie did a really good job of blending a LOT of action and storyline together to make the film worthy of a typical remake. Frankly, when you are dealing with superhero movies like these, it is either going to be very spot-on accurate or horribly off. It was a good accurate. Chris Nolan and his fellow Batman-produced Production crew (and others) did a solid job of creating the film and casting the roles--many of the film's actors were recognizable and spot-on for their respective roles. If you're looking for a good 'ole entertaining movie where just about everybody might know a thing or two about it, go see Man of Steel.
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Loved it!

By photomaiden
Written May 28, 2016
I am a huge superman fan and have been disappointed in the past by certain movies but I was absolutely giddy when I left the theater after watching this one. I loved the actors down to the kids who played superman as a child. Can't wait to see it again!
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