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Man of Steel

By missdee1976
Written June 14, 2013
This was soo different from any Superman I have ever seen that it took a minute to adjust. It was a great way to breath life into the franchise. Don't expect the goofy, charming, aw shucks Clark Kent and Boy scout Superman because this is not it. This movie finally showed Superman conflicted and trying to deal with adjusting to life on Earth. I am an avid Superman movie fan and I was not sure that I would like the darker and more intense version but I'm a definite fan. If you've been wanting to see a more modern and realistic version instead of the comic book hero blue spandex guy then you will love this. The back story was great and well developed. The plot was unexpected if you can believe that about Superman. The action was intense and there was lots of it. Henry Cavill is gorgeous and fills out the cape very well. I can't wait to see what they do for a sequel because after General Zod, Lex Luther should be easy. The best Superman ever. Man of Steel..the perfect title!!!!!!
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Less than I xpected

By Jjansen844
Written June 15, 2013
Started out good with nice plot and acting. Then the action scenes went on for what felt like an hour with no dialogue. Could have shortened the movie by 15 or 20 minutes and still have the same effect.
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Man of Steel is a 5 star movie

By reboot41
Written June 14, 2013
I'm a big comic book/superhero fan, so I'm kinda picky about how these movies are presented. For example, I refuse to acknowledge Green Lantern, Superman 3 and 4, and the first Hulk movie 'cause they were cheesy and horrible. I really enjoyed "M.O.S." and I could've stayed to watch it again, but it was 2:45 AM...Henry Cavill is really likeable as Superman, as well as Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Go see it!
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Super Flawed, Super Epic!

By MedRed
Written July 26, 2014
Man of Steel isn't the masterpiece the trailers promised. It suffers from mediocre screenwriting, poor directing, and an obvious heavy editing hand to pare down the run time. This is a 3 hour movie butchered into 2.3 hours. Henry Cavill is more than a pretty face. His acting is top notch. Amy Adams does a decent job but comes off as Pam from The Office. While the story isn't perfect, it is bolstered by a great score, great visuals (although some look like they were made in the 70's), and the most amazing fight action ever seen on the big screen! It's Dragonball Z meets Marvel v Capcom and is nothing short of incredible! I saw this movie twice. It's better the 2nd time around.The plot holes seemed even bigger, but the story was easier to follow. I'd also recommend seeing in IMAX 3D. The experience was notably better than regular 3D. There are no scenes during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Man of Steel = Disappointment

By caputo023
Written June 15, 2013
Good acting, not nearly enough character development, and a so-so story. Not enough filming in 3D in comparison Iron Man 3 or Star Trek. I would wait for video.
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