Manny Perez

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Michael Madsen Back in the Day
2016 Annabella Sciorra Back in the Day
2016 Alec Baldwin Back in the Day
2016 Danny Glover Back in the Day
2014 Alfred Molina Love Is Strange
2014 John Lithgow Love Is Strange
2014 Marisa Tomei Love Is Strange
2008 Harvey Keitel The Ministers
2008 John Leguizamo The Ministers
2008 Diane Venora The Ministers
2008 Edward Norton Pride and Glory
2008 Jennifer Ehle Pride and Glory
2008 Colin Farrell Pride and Glory
2008 Jon Voight Pride and Glory
2007 John Leguizamo Where God Left His Shoes
2006 Jennifer Lopez El Cantante
2006 Roselyn Sanchez Yellow
2006 Bill Duke Yellow
2006 D.B. Sweeney Yellow
2004 Nia Long Third Watch: Season 06
2004 Charles Haid Third Watch: Season 06
2003 Chloë Sevigny Party Monster
2003 Lucy Liu Party Monster
2003 Diana Scarwid Party Monster
2003 Dylan McDermott Party Monster
2003 Macaulay Culkin Party Monster
2003 Seth Green Party Monster
2002 Charles Dance Ali G Indahouse
2002 Michael Gambon Ali G Indahouse
2002 Sacha Baron Cohen Ali G Indahouse
2001 Alan Arkin 100 Centre Street [TV Series]
2000 Omar Epps Brother
2000 Susumu Terajima Brother
2000 Takeshi Kitano Brother
2000 Sandra Bernhard Dinner Rush
2000 Danny Aiello Dinner Rush
1996 Kathleen Widdoes Courage Under Fire
1996 Denzel Washington Courage Under Fire
1996 Zeljko Ivanek Courage Under Fire
1996 Meg Ryan Courage Under Fire
1996 Bronson Pinchot Courage Under Fire
1996 Michael Moriarty Courage Under Fire
1996 Sean Astin Courage Under Fire
1996 Sean Patrick Thomas Courage Under Fire
1996 Lou Diamond Phillips Courage Under Fire
1996 Scott Glenn Courage Under Fire
1996 Matt Damon Courage Under Fire
1996 Diane Baker Courage Under Fire
1995 Robert DoQui NYPD Blue: Cold Heaters
1995 Anthony Head NYPD Blue: Cold Heaters
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