Manchester by the Sea

By eramamama33
Written January 10, 2017
Heartbreakingly sad with wonderful performances. Casey Affleck will break your heart.
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I Love Lonergan But....

By deborahsmith2001
Written January 17, 2017
I should start by saying I'm a great fan of Kenneth Lonergan's plays and screenplays. He is a writer that captures the human condition, the little foibles, the absurdity, the humor in tragic circumstances. I'm also a huge fan of Casey Affleck, an actor who is underrated and should have received an Oscar nomination for his performance in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Affleck plays a character that has emotionally shut down with occasional explosions of temper. As one reviewer stated, this caused a number of scenes to never get off the ground because his character doesn't engage. The dramatic device of using flashbacks also made for a disjointed flow. These two things impeded the movie's momentum. I wasn't looking for a happy ending, but if even if Affleck's character, Lee, had started to open up and then shut down again, it would have been that much more powerful, but the lack of any transition made it awkward. I may see it again to re-assess it.
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By pvaz2000
Written January 19, 2017
I do not get all the positive reviews for this movie. It is very dark, a downer, and the director stays on a shot WAY to long to make the effect. Several times in the movie, when the camera was focused on a subject, I felt like yelling out, "Alright, we get the point!, move on". The story is pretty slim, not all that interesting. The actors are good, Casey Affleck is good although I doubt he would want to get typecast as the depressed, unhappy person that he plays in the movie. I fell asleep numerous times. Would not recommend this, looks to me like the critics are trying to hype this limited engagement film as an "art flick" or something, but it definitely was not worth the time or money.
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Manchester by the Why?

By michaelreinert44
Written January 21, 2017
After reading all the reviews, it's just another case of the Emperor has no clothes.
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Such a disappointment

By juliecrna
Written January 22, 2017
I never write bad reviews, but I left this movie feeling emotionally drained and heavy hearted. Acting was very good. Soundtrack was nonexistent. Main character experiences a trauma so unimaginable and horrific that my eyes were swollen from tears. Events lead him to have to be close to the memories of it, yet there is no real closure at the end for me. Story dragged at times. There was lots of flashing back and then to present, but I did follow that easily. I cannot imagine why this film was rated so highly. Definitely not for kids. It felt like 4 hours. If you want to feel completely hopeless, sad, and nearly suicidal, then go see this film.
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