OMG - Sounded good

By Chazdad
Written May 30, 2009
A movie about a loser stalking a girl because she didn't have the heart to turn him away. What a total waste of time. Woody did well with his part what there was of it. Jennifer did well with a loser role. Not much else she could have done with such a disjointed script. I love a good "Chick Flick" and cry at the drop of a hat. There were no tears in this movie unless you consider tears of frustration, for a waste of time and money. Money can be replaced but time once wasted is lost forever!!!! When you get older you respect time much more and try to invest it well! NOT HERE!!!!! Kawika in South Jersey
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By Icemall
Written May 27, 2009
Cute little movie. makes you care about the characters. and
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A Quirky and Romantic Comedy

By sunbro
Written May 25, 2009
I took my girlfriend to this film and we found it surprising as love in real life is. Just when you think that Jennifer Aniston's sales character will "put her foot down" as far as Steve Zahn's smalltown loser motel management character is concerned egarding his awkward advances, she seems to have a change of heart, charmed by his simplicity and sweetness. Jennifer Aniston proves herself once again to be one of the sexiest, most beautiful personalities on movie screens today. My girlfriend and I were hugging, kissing, laughing, and had tears in our eyes from the most poignant scenes in this movie. Highly recommended.
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A surprise, feel-good movie...

By pomspringz
Written May 21, 2009
I was slow to warm up to this film, but by the end it has you hooked and stays with you for a long time. Steve Zahn is excellent and infinitely watchable -- a remarkable performance by Fred Ward as Zahn's father is outstanding. Really, one of the best movies I've seen in awhile, if you discount all the "summer" blockbusters. Unexpectedly good and worth seeing.
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Written May 18, 2009
Both my wife and I liked this a lot.Not an action film or a knee-slapping comedy, this film is about how people get stuck in a rut and how they get "unstuck". I have never been a fan of Jennifer Aniston but she really showed what she can do when cast in a role which has substance. Excellent performance by Aniston and Steve Zahn. The supporting actors were well-cast and provided excellent performances. A few silly moments - such as fishing in the koi pond of a Buddhist monastery - added a light touch to the film. Not for everyone - this film is for viewers that like a good story about people. If you liked Juno, you will like this film.
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