Mamma Mia! Sing-Along Edition Synopsis
Sing along during the movie to featured ABBA songs.

Movie Reviews

Mamma Mia!!!

By drjean
From the first time I saw it in the theater I loved it! Delightful! Those of us who grew up during "those" years will enjoy every nuance, but it's for most everyone else too. I've now seen it 4...

Mamma Mia!

By lac13z
absolutely LOVED this movie! the song arrangements are fabulous, of course, the cinematography gorgeous (who doesn't want to go to Greece after watching this movie?). ...and the way pierce looks...

best movie to sing along to.

By grannydory
Had a great time watching this movie. Have always like Meryl and Pierrce. Never visualized them in a movie. The whole theater was singing along and clapping. It is a feel good movie and need more...


By judith44
Can't remember when I came out of a movie feeling sooooo good and people laughing and tallking tro each other..going to the "Sing Along"...

Mamma Mia

By ellenzu
I loved it! My friendsand I sang along with every song....

Loved it!

By Movies are great escape
What a great movie musical!! If you want to feel good and have a great time at the theatre, I highly recommend this movie. Fun for the whole family....

What a blast

By Retired and Loving It
Mamma Mia Sung along was the most fun movie I have ever been to. I didn't realize that we would see the entire movie, I thought it would be just the music. Everyone in the theater was on their...

Mama Mia - wow, excellent

By swannie50
I've gone three times to see this movie, with different friends and we've come out singing and dancing to our cars - it's wonderful. Just a "Feel good" movie that's so much fun to watch with good...

Mamma Mia Sing fun!

By kyleinatl
At first I thought, Oh no...this is going to be sooooooo hokey. But I promise you, EVERYONE in the theater had huge goofy smiles plastered across their faces the entire time (me included) and by...

mamma mai! sing along

By rosebudsled
What a riot! At first, no one was singing and we were disappointed. By the time the song "Mamma Mia" came on, everyone was singing... This is SUCH a great idea, because its a movie most people sing...

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