Written August 14, 2014
Great fun , a must see. If you love ABBA and love the play you will love this movie. Filmed on location in the Greek Islands the scenery is beautiful. Meryl Streep CAN sing and so can most all of the cast. (Pierce cant sing but he does his best). We saw this July 16 at a sneak peek and plan to see it again this Sunday. MAMMA MIA you will have fun.
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Very not what I expected!

By saintandrew
Written July 26, 2008
OK. Mama Mia was on my “don't care” list. I didn't really plan to see it. First, because Theatrical Musicals usually have a tough time making it on the screen and I prefer them on Broadway, and second, because I couldn't imagine Pierce Brosnan singing in a musical. (Hold over from enjoying him as James Bond I guess) But my wife and some close friends dragged me to see it as I kept trying to convince them that we'd enjoy X-Files much more. (Maybe it’s my male ego?!) Nevertheless, I not only enjoyed it, I loved it. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered right along with what seemed to be an audience predominantly composed of women and Abba fans. Besides the incredible performances by Brosnan and Streep, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters steal the show. Stellen Skarsgard - guess which character he was in Pirates of the Caribbean, I dare you! - is world class as is Colin Firth. Love Colin in any role really. Guys - Amanda Seyfried will make you remember your first love. Go see it.
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Mamma Mia!

By Ronnie007
Written November 21, 2015
• Mamma Mia! If you like musical comedy you will love this movie. This movie brought me back to the 1970’s. It had great music, dancing and it was a fun, fun movie to see. The scene I liked the best was when Donna (Meryl Streep), Tanya (Christine Baranski) and Rosie (Julie Walters) sang Dancing Queen one of my favorite songs. The movie story was based around a bride-to-be on a Greek island trying to work out which of three men that got her mother pregnant 20 years earlier. She Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) invited the three men to the wedding in order to find out who her father was so he can give her away. The story was some what predictable however; it ended with a surprising twist. The movie is no academy award for acting and musical shows but it is a breath of fresh air of some other movies with all kinds of violence that ended up dead on arrival. Mamma Mia! Is a fun movie for general audiences.
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mamma mia

By babygirl54
Written June 06, 2008
Haven't seen movie but saw stage play 2 times great story. Can't wait
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Here I go again......

By ChrisGroesch
Written August 22, 2008
At first I was really thinking there was no way they could do the Broadway show justice. Then I heard that Meryl Streep is an ABBA addict (like me BTW). Now I'm REALLY excited to see what they'll do. I saw it!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT> It's a very different experiene than the Broadway version. A good different...more emotionally expressive but still just as campy ;) I was very impressed by Meryl Streep--she has a voice! And I have to say-Pierce Brosnan..not so much but that's ok....hubba hubba...cute.
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