Must Watch!

By Jcartag2
Written January 26, 2013
I love scary movies but I'm the biggest baby ever!!!! It was a really good movie that for the first time it had me covering my eyes a bit when you finally got to see "mama"'s face.
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really a good movie.

By young_bloods05
Written February 10, 2013
good horror movie and the story lines is amazing u wont believe it till u see it...thumbs up
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By Kitty330
Written January 28, 2013
My husband and I took our 14 year-old daughter to see this movie, as our daughter LOVES scary movies. (This movie would probably be too intense for most 14 year-olds.) We all liked the movie very much. The movie was creepy and suspenseful from beginning to end, although in my opinion, the ending left something to be desired. Jessica Chastain was fantastic, and the two little girls' acting was outstanding!
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one eye opened, one eye closed!

Written January 20, 2013
The suspense & scary mood was great! We were hooked all the way through & even jumped a couple of times. As for the ending, hopefully the DVD will offer alternates.
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Very surprising ending!!!

By quimsley
Written January 27, 2013
Took my 10, 13 and 14 to it since they begged me after seeing the trailer. They love scary movies. It kept you enthralled! Would recommend to anyone who likes this genre of movies. We all cried a little at the end.
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