Ending sucks

By wickedale
Written September 02, 2015
There was a point where the movie should have ended and would have been an alright movie to suggest seeing, but the ending they chose ruined the whole movie. I won't want to see it again when it comes out on bluray
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Breath of fresh air for this genre. Really scary and riveting yes no chain saw or over the top gore

By wonder_chimp
Written December 18, 2014
Having seen some of Del Toro's other films of a similar genre I expected something worth while and decently interesting. This movie surpassed anything I could of expected. From the beginning to end this movie had me. Rarely am I gripping my seat in the first two minutes the way I was for this. I did not come up for air till the credits rolled. There were a couple spots where a couple characters made some obviously dumb choices. But it did not take away from the movie really. Movie is intense and scary. Well done and I really like the musical score.
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Mama won't leave you crying for your mama

By ShannMann70
Written March 27, 2015
Teen thriller at it's best. Mama could have been a much better film, I feel they left too much on the cutting room floor for anyone who is experienced in the horror genre. Thirty years and counting as a horror fan this movie billed to thrill and was mostly disappointing. The good: Some really fun special effects, enough bumps in the night to get me to jump x2, enough life story to get you connected with the characters. The bad: An ending spoiler built into the script, an already overplayed theme within the genre, a B movie role played by an A list actress in what should be an A list film, opportunities to build upon certain parts that are left dead (no pun intended). Worth the matinee price to get the theater effect, but otherwise I'd wait for the DVD.
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Concept was good, not a bad movie

By candypeach
Written October 10, 2015
I expected it not to be scary because it is rated PG-13. I still have not seen a horror movie that I would say you MUST GO! see. Anywho, some parts of the movie was not needed and it seemed kind of rushed, but then that can be just me
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So-So at Best

By jknapp1005
Written December 01, 2015
Very slow start, and a lot of parts that I'm sure were meant to be scary kind of fell flat. It does have great acting by the children, and by Jessica Chastain, playing against type here. There are many spooky parts, and a handful of scarier scenes. The end doesn't wrap anything up and seems like a set up for a sequel.
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