Concept was good, not a bad movie

By candypeach
Written January 29, 2015
I expected it not to be scary because it is rated PG-13. I still have not seen a horror movie that I would say you MUST GO! see. Anywho, some parts of the movie was not needed and it seemed kind of rushed, but then that can be just me
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Mama Delivers!

By chelsea_movie_guy
Written February 02, 2015
A fan of Guillermo's work already, and not disappointed with Mama! Nice to see a movie in this genre that has such high production values, yet still delivers the "gotcha" moments that horror fans crave. Great visual effects (some remniscent of the Ring) and cool story. My friend (a seasoned horror movie junkie) literally jumped out of his seat during one scene. We laughed for a while after that. Nice coup to have Jessica Chastain open your movie, right on the heels of her stellar (possibly Oscar winning?) performance in Zero Dark Thirty. I'm scared of Mama! You will be too!
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Mama won't leave you crying for your mama

By sjonesny70
Written March 27, 2015
Teen thriller at it's best. Mama could have been a much better film, I feel they left too much on the cutting room floor for anyone who is experienced in the horror genre. Thirty years and counting as a horror fan this movie billed to thrill and was mostly disappointing. The good: Some really fun special effects, enough bumps in the night to get me to jump x2, enough life story to get you connected with the characters. The bad: An ending spoiler built into the script, an already overplayed theme within the genre, a B movie role played by an A list actress in what should be an A list film, opportunities to build upon certain parts that are left dead (no pun intended). Worth the matinee price to get the theater effect, but otherwise I'd wait for the DVD.
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Best scary movie I have seen in a while

By justinadestiny
Written April 26, 2015
It made you jump and scream. I cried a little and when I left the movie theater I was a little out of breath. The ending was not to my liking, but very unexpected.
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Awesome Movie!

By kuvaldina2210
Written March 28, 2015
For once there is a character in a horror film that isn't stupid, go Annabel (Jessica Chastain) !!! The child actors are extremely talented, you believe they are the creepy kids. The music definitely scares you. Many cool startling shots. The film also has a beautiful theme which is a plus. This is a must go if you love horror, especially psychological horror.
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