By IntenseJim
Written February 13, 2013
Sure there are a few scary pop-out moments, the music and photography accentuate that but.......the plot is lame, many holes, and from Guierrmo I expect a lot more quality and depth. PANS LABYRINTH this is not.
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Hilariously Scary.

By taylor.anne2
Written January 20, 2013
Seeing how scared everyone got made me laugh and got me more relaxed, but that doesn't mean I didn't jump. It definitely has parts you wouldn't expect and you would never expect the ending. It's crazy and has many twists. I would say go. If you are a horror freak and pick apart every aspect of the movie, you MAY not enjoy it, buuuuut I think it was great.
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See it

By Grant Gorman
Written January 23, 2013
Yes, this movie did have suspense and uprising action. However the "Pop-ups" or scary moments were kind of too predictable. Although, this movie had a little story line to it so go see it.
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By denisejohnson_40216
Written January 23, 2013
This movie had me jumping every second i wish that I seen the beginning but my sister made us 20 mintutes late! I might go see it again by myself without her making me late on purpose...Not for kids..18 and over and the graphics was great and the story was like wow...
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By Kitty330
Written August 21, 2014
My husband and I took our 14 year-old daughter to see this movie, as our daughter LOVES scary movies. (This movie would probably be too intense for most 14 year-olds.) We all liked the movie very much. The movie was creepy and suspenseful from beginning to end, although in my opinion, the ending left something to be desired. Jessica Chastain was fantastic, and the two little girls' acting was outstanding!
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