By leffingwell
Written May 06, 2015
My Son and I went and saw this together and we really liked it! At one point I realized I was sitting forward in my seat, when I jumped back hard against the back of my seat. We didn't see that ending coming! Good stuff
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Good not Great

By Zuri - New York
Written March 31, 2015
I am HUGE fan of Guillermo del Toro movies. This move was good; but, I expected more in terms of plot from del Toro. The cinematography was good, the acting was well done and the directing was great. The story - not so much.
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Not bad of a movie

By pramonfigueroa
Written February 10, 2016
MAMA was a ok movie, really did not scare me but I do not scare too easily. I felt like at times there was not plot and the director was running out of ideas. The movie seemed to be at times to be just going no where. I am sure it will do well in the box office because people want to be scared but remember it it just a scary movie nothing else.
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By Ksaeli
Written February 11, 2016
Movie was good. It had scarey moments where the entire audience was chattering at the same time.. Made it funny to see others react at the same time. Ending was unpredictable but boring..
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Had no point

By MovieGirl_80
Written October 24, 2014
This movie had its scare moments but it had no point. The plot was horrible. I didn't like the movie at all. I did jump because that freaking mama would just pop out of nowhere.
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