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By kelaine
Written December 22, 2015
I loved it! I will most definitely own this on dvd. Simply amazing storytelling!
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Good twist on a well-known classic!

By mitasa01
Written March 18, 2015
Since almost everyone knows the tale of Sleeping Beauty, this is a fun twist that blends high quality digital effects with a fun cast. The storyline is well developed and fairly well can tell how much they must have had fun filming it. The part of Maleficent is finely crafted to span the range of sympathetic soul to the wickedly delicious "evil queen" role. Go see it in IMAX/3D!
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We both loved it!

By tradel
Written November 23, 2014
My 6 year old son and I (40 year old mom!) both loved Maleficent. It was a great retelling from a fresh perspective. My son understood the themes and was mesmerized by the film. I am not generally an Angelina Jolie fan, but in this movie she was dead on perfect, blending vengeance and regret, affection and humor into a well fleshed out character. I might even see it again!
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By froggieb
Written April 22, 2016
Maleficent? More like Malefican't! I was not impressed with this movie. It seemed much longer than the 1 hr 38 min. One scene reminded me of Robin Hood Men in Tights, I got tired of trying to piece the storyline together. Angelina Jolie's cheeks drove me nuts. The one bright spot Elle Fanning as Aurora. Also the little girls who played Aurora as she grew up. I did enjoy the cinematography. Amazing special effects. If I had to recommend it to someone I wouldn't.
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Fairy tale make over

Written December 13, 2014
Love the visual look of the movie. The re-telling of the story is a plus because it doesn't portray Maleficent as a one dimensional character. Like the fact that the writer/director are able to stay within the context of the original story but with a twist. Very entertaining!
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