you have to see this movie!!!

By cristobmr
Written March 15, 2008
it is a great funny movie. The characters were well developed and very likable. The romance between the elders in the movie was hysterical. This would never be seen in a Hollywood movie. Bravo!
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By siramid
Written March 19, 2008
I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to laugh and have a good time. The first scene about the bubble gum (chicle) was hysterical. You don't have to be Puerto Rican to understand this movie because anyone has suffered of "maldeamores". If you are going to watch this movie, do not go alone. I'll recommend to go with a friend or a group of people because you will be laughing hysterically. I went with a friend and both of us really enjoyed it. As a Puerto Rican, I felt very proud of witnessing how many talented actors are committed to their jobs. I wish more movies like this are brought to USA.
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Give me more Maldeamores

Written March 27, 2008
I watched this movie in the United States, it is in Spanish with English subtitles. Its four basically connected story's of love: between children, between adults, between elderly, and between crazy. All of the characters are pretty unique and interesting. There were allot of funny parts also its mostly a heartwarming story. Its a little like the movie Little Miss Sunshine but with a shot of tequila. If you goto movies often and are tired of the same old action/horror/superhero/thriller formulas and enjoy movies a little closer to real life you might like this movie.
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Go see

By latinavally
Written April 01, 2008
Very funny
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