Malcolm Keen
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1887

Worked With

Year Name Title
1962 Marianne Stone A Change of Heart
1962 Janette Scott A Change of Heart
1962 Harry Locke A Change of Heart
1962 George Chakiris A Change of Heart
1962 Paul Rogers Condemned to Life
1962 John Welsh Condemned to Life
1962 Patrick McGoohan Condemned to Life
1962 Basil Dignam Condemned to Life
1962 Michael Craig Condemned to Life
1962 Frank Finlay Condemned to Life
1962 Janet Munro Condemned to Life
1962 Megs Jenkins Condemned to Life
1961 Bradford Dillman Francis of Assisi
1961 Dolores Hart Francis of Assisi
1961 Pedro Armendáriz Francis of Assisi
1961 Finlay Currie Francis of Assisi
1961 Stuart Whitman Francis of Assisi
1961 John Welsh Francis of Assisi
1961 Cecil Kellaway Francis of Assisi
1961 Mervyn Johns Francis of Assisi
1960 Megs Jenkins Macbeth
1960 Michael Hordern Macbeth
1960 Douglas Wilmer Macbeth
1960 Michael Ripper Macbeth
1960 George Rose Macbeth
1960 Felix Aylmer Macbeth
1960 Ian Bannen Macbeth
1960 Judith Anderson Macbeth
1960 Maurice Evans Macbeth
1960 Jeremy Brett Macbeth
1959 John Horsley Operation Amsterdam
1959 Peter Finch Operation Amsterdam
1959 John Le Mesurier Operation Amsterdam
1959 Carl Jaffe Operation Amsterdam
1959 Alexander Knox Operation Amsterdam
1958 Herbert Lom I Accuse!
1958 Anton Walbrook I Accuse!
1958 Laurence Naismith I Accuse!
1958 Eric Pohlmann I Accuse!
1958 Viveca Lindfors I Accuse!
1958 Emlyn Williams I Accuse!
1958 Donald Wolfit I Accuse!
1958 José Ferrer I Accuse!
1958 George Coulouris I Accuse!
1958 Harry Andrews I Accuse!
1958 David Farrar I Accuse!
1958 Leo Genn I Accuse!
1958 Charles Gray I Accuse!
1958 Carl Jaffe I Accuse!
1958 Felix Aylmer I Accuse!
1958 Michael Hordern I Accuse!
1957 Greta Gynt She Played With Fire
1957 Christopher Lee She Played With Fire
1957 Arlene Dahl She Played With Fire
1957 Jack Hawkins She Played With Fire
1957 Bernard Miles She Played With Fire
1957 Geoffrey Keen She Played With Fire
1957 Ian Hunter She Played With Fire
1957 Dennis Price She Played With Fire
1956 Joan Greenwood Hallmark Hall of Fame: Man and Superman
1956 Maurice Evans Hallmark Hall of Fame: Man and Superman
1953 Eric Pohlmann Rob Roy
1953 Russell Waters Rob Roy
1953 Glynis Johns Rob Roy
1953 Richard Todd Rob Roy
1953 Geoffrey Keen Rob Roy
1953 Michael Gough Rob Roy
1953 Finlay Currie Rob Roy
1953 James Robertson Justice Rob Roy
1951 Alan Mowbray The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Norman Leavitt The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Barbara Brown The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Patricia Medina The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Louis Hayward The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Tom Tully The Lady and the Bandit
1951 Richard Greene Lorna Doone
1951 Dick Curtis Lorna Doone
1951 Harry Lauter Lorna Doone
1951 John Dehner Lorna Doone
1951 Fred Graham Lorna Doone
1951 Eric Wilton Lorna Doone
1951 Ray Teal Lorna Doone
1951 Jack Richardson The Mating Season
1951 Gene Tierney The Mating Season
1951 Jan Sterling The Mating Season
1951 Miriam Hopkins The Mating Season
1951 Larry Keating The Mating Season
1951 Ellen Corby The Mating Season
1951 Franklin Farnum The Mating Season
1951 Billie Bird The Mating Season
1951 Thelma Ritter The Mating Season
1951 William Fawcett The Mating Season
1951 Bess Flowers The Mating Season
1942 Wilfred Lawson The Great Mr. Handel
1941 Gibb McLaughlin Mystery of Room 13
1941 Sally Gray Mystery of Room 13
1938 Frederick Leister Sixty Glorious Years
1938 Derrick de Marney Sixty Glorious Years
1938 Felix Aylmer Sixty Glorious Years
1938 C. Aubrey Smith Sixty Glorious Years
1938 Gordon McLeod Sixty Glorious Years
1938 Anna Neagle Sixty Glorious Years
1938 Anton Walbrook Sixty Glorious Years
1936 Clive Brook Scotland Yard Commands
1936 Lawrence Hanray Scotland Yard Commands
1934 Leslie Banks The Night of the Party
1934 Ian Hunter The Night of the Party
1934 Ernst Thesiger The Night of the Party
1934 Felix Aylmer Whispering Tongues
1931 Ben Welden 77 Park Lane
1931 Esmond Knight 77 Park Lane
1931 Roland Culver 77 Park Lane
1931 Harold French Jealousy
1931 Gibb McLaughlin Jealousy
1930 Dorothy Gish Wolves
1930 Charles Laughton Wolves
1929 Carl Brisson The Manxman
1926 Alfred Hitchcock The Lodger
1925 John Hamilton Mountain Eagle
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