the family

By dannypaschal
Written January 31, 2015
The cinematography, lighting and acting couldn't have been better.... The story, however, had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, None,Ziltch! It is impossible to root for the heroes when they are psychopaths who don't just murder anyone who insults them, but tortured several horribly. I've seen many gangster movies, but none as heartless and senseless as this one. Even the children are relentlessly cruel and enjoy every minute of beating their classmates unconscious or worse. I went because I thought it would be a parody with some of my favorite actors..... I had nightmares! Should teens see this? it would confuse them. It certainly confused me. There is no humor in burning people alive or dragging them behind a car until they are maimed and bloody... I went with 5 friends and all of us wish we had seen something else instead!! I was not entertained. I was not inspired. I was not uplifted. Depressed is how it left me, and worried for our future if this is entertainment!
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The Family

By wzcurz
Written June 29, 2015
Loved it. It sort of dragged in the middle and a bit far fetched at the end but the end was very action filled. The family love/value was extraordinary....
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The Family

By vcexpress
Written June 29, 2015
I thought I was going to see a comedy and The Family turned out to be pretty violent. This country does not need any more violence, how about someting peaceful. I saw enough of this type of stuff growing up in Chicago. Dudley
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By 45basterd
Written March 01, 2015
i liked the movie though i think its a slow movie that tries to throw comedy into a mob movie and fails mostly at getting some one to laugh i liked it but the movie to to long to get going
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By blondemoment
Written March 30, 2015
Being 40+ Friday nite is still date night and there's not much out there to see in the middle of September. This movie held high hopes because of the cast, but plot had too many holes in it. At some point I felt that The Family was trying to be a dark comedy, but the laughs were too few and really far apart. I found it interesting that two teenage kids could have so much pent up anger and be so good at taking out a seasoned "clean - up " crew from the mob, that even the FBI couldn't handle. If you want to see it, wait til it comes out on one of the premium cable channels. Save your $$$ for a nice dinner.
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