The Family

By tony1332
Written October 21, 2013
I would not recommend this movie. It was not at all plausible in any way. What a waste of the talents of the principle players. If it was supposed to be funny it wasn't. If it was supposed to be serious it missed the mark.
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The Family

By dddietz813
Written September 23, 2013
Terrific movie. Kept a good pace but didn't show the best side of the Witness Protection Program. De Nero was his usual " GREAT " This a must see movie.
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Cartoonish, mindless entertainment

By dave571
Written September 15, 2013
There actually was a story down deep inside there. I guess it could be "the family that slays together, stays together." But this movie was really just having some fun with the word "***&^" and lots of gratuitous violence, and gunplay that violated laws of physics. This reminded me of how things work with Bugs Bunny and Wile Coyote, when things blow up. I'm not saying 'don't see it' but if you do see it, don't expect anything that will change the way you look at life or love. A good performance by DeNiro who seemed limited by what the script would allow his character to be. Tommy Lee Jones was replaying his character in MIB, a tired, jaded bureaucrat who has made peace (and made friends) with the scum he is protecting. One more subjective comment: this is not a kid's movie. Lots of behavior in classroom situations which would get your kid arrested or killed if he did it in school here. If you take your kids to see it, please have "the talk" with them.
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By psn839
Written September 26, 2013
It was not what I expected. I think it was too long.The only thing really good about the family was the cast. It was not worth $14.50.
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The Family

By nelsoncpt
Written September 15, 2013
Enjoyed the story and the acting....However the liberal use of the "F" word was distressing...."The Godfather" did not have one questionable word in it and it won accolades....This movie was not enhanced by such low class street language especially when used by the females and a minor....We are now in the gutter!....What remains....THE SEWER!....Shame on the producers, directors writers and actors for this "F" fest!.....
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