Different type of dance movie with PHENOMENAL dancing! Love Derek Hough & Boa!

By elmari
Written April 17, 2014
This movie was written & directed by Duane Adler, who also wrote iconic dance movies 'Step Up' and 'Save the Last Dance'. 'Make Your Move' is very different from those previous dance movies he has written. The movie revolved around a romance, rather than revolve around dancing. Derek Hough & BoA are first time lead actors as the romantic couple the movie is about. Their chemistry is INCREDIBLE, mostly in their dance scenes together. The movie is also very diverse with a prominent Asian influence (BoA speaks both Korean & Japanese in it), a caucasian and an African-American being foster brothers, and even the practice of Japanese Taiko drums is included in the dance scenes. The rivalry btw Will Yun Lee & Wesley Jonathan propels the drama of the movie. I also loved the tapping in the movie & I know that Derek Hough & Boa trained intensely for 3 months because neither were tap dancers before. This movie is great if you love dance movies in general. But it's also a great love story!
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"Make Your" reveiw....

By naturalpro2003
Written April 18, 2014
....a very entertaining movie. Derek Hough was good, and BoA is a hottie! There you have it!!
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Make Your Move

By alphanow
Written April 18, 2014
For now, the poster and the music is good enough for me, I love Derek Hough's dancing and personality. I will see the movie on 4/19/2014. Derek and BOA are great dancers, simply fantastic. LOVE+++++++++++++++++ 5 stars
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Romeo and Juliet can Dance

By rosecs48
Written April 18, 2014
Derek Hough and Boa are terrific as the star crossed lovers whose brothers own feuding dance clubs but their love blossoms in their love of dancing. The dancing in this film is incredible. It's hard to believe that Derek just learned tap for the film. He looks as if he has been doing it all his life. And Boa was a pleasant surprise for me as I knew little about her but her performances complement his so well. And the love story is sweet and gentle and tender and bound to grip your heart. Great date movie. Minimal violence and language. Good for young people as well.
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By Tcdouglas1
Written April 21, 2014
Storyline was blah but the dancing was amazing and that's what u go to this type of movie for...
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