Not worth the hype!

By LifeIsGrand7128
Written June 30, 2012
This movie had great potential to either be super fun OR have a really strong story line. Sadly, it delivered neither of these. Boring story line that is not developed, therefore making the dancing that much more important, does not deliver on either hope!!
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Go for the sexy man eye candy, not the story

By amye29
Written July 04, 2012
The story line and acting are OMG awful. That being said, they could have edited all the speaking lines out of the movie and just played the dance sequences back to back to back. No one cares about the story, just seeing the eye candy was worth the price of admission and unfortunately, there wasn't nearly enough of that. Channing Tatum should have at least done all his acting with his shirt off. :-)
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Total Disappointment

By mrscoperx
Written July 09, 2012
Okay, so yes, this movie was FULL of eye candy...but the most enjoyment I received was from the girls night out with all of my besties, NOT the movie. In general, I found the acting to be lacking and the storyline was boring. The drugs in the movie were a little overkill. Okay, there are drugs in that lifestyle, but did we have to keep going back to that in the storyline? My suggestion? Go see another movie and then find a male review to attend live in person! You will enjoy your other movie choice much more, no matter what it is!
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By msross27
Written July 20, 2012
I liked it...I think. Basically I found it interesting that they showed the "unglamorous" side of stripping, but it may have gloried it a bit for those that are a tad on the ignorant and/or immature side. The stripe scenes were almost tame in comparison to the parties/sex scenes which I did think was a bit much. Major props for creative ways of showing penises...without "showing" them. Boob shots? Check. Butt cheeks, chests and crotch shots galore? Check. Of course Tatum killed it every time he stepped on stage and I loved the way you kinda felt like you were there in the club in some frames- pretty sweet. POV baby! LOL! My friend I went with is looking for a sequel, while I on the other hand will be fine whether or not we know what happens in Miami.
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Hot men, no plot

By jcpeyton613
Written July 11, 2012
The movie wasn't great but I don't think anyone was really expecting to get a profound message or anything. The men were hot though, and man could they dance. It was worth it.
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