Mae Busch
Date of Birth
Jan 20, 1897
Birth Place:
Melbourne, Australia

Worked With

Year Name Title
1946 Frank Faylen The Blue Dahlia
1946 Dick Elliott The Blue Dahlia
1946 Perc Launders The Blue Dahlia
1946 Dick Winslow The Blue Dahlia
1946 Veronica Lake The Blue Dahlia
1946 Alan Ladd The Blue Dahlia
1946 Will Wright The Blue Dahlia
1946 Howard Da Silva The Blue Dahlia
1946 Hugh Beaumont The Blue Dahlia
1946 William Bendix The Blue Dahlia
1946 Anthony Caruso The Blue Dahlia
1946 Franklin Parker The Blue Dahlia
1946 George Sorel The Blue Dahlia
1946 Forbes Murray The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Minerva Urecal The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Barbara Stanwyck The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Diana Lynn The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Robert Cummings The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Willie Best The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Robert Benchley The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Natalie Wood The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Peggy Wood The Bride Wore Boots
1946 Patric Knowles The Bride Wore Boots
1946 John Kelly Cross My Heart
1946 Rhys Williams Cross My Heart
1946 Tom Dugan Cross My Heart
1946 Dorothy Vaughan Cross My Heart
1946 Frank Faylen Cross My Heart
1946 Ruth Donnelly Cross My Heart
1946 Michael Chekhov Cross My Heart
1946 Betty Hutton Cross My Heart
1946 Sonny Tufts Cross My Heart
1946 Wilbur Mack Cross My Heart
1946 Nolan Leary Cross My Heart
1945 Patric Knowles Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Dorothy Lamour Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Frank Faylen Masquerade in Mexico
1945 James Flavin Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Ann Dvorak Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Robert Middlemass Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Natalie Schafer Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Perc Launders Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Eddie Laughton Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Grady Sutton The Stork Club
1945 Bill Goodwin The Stork Club
1945 Robert Benchley The Stork Club
1945 Anthony Caruso The Stork Club
1945 Don DeFore The Stork Club
1945 Betty Hutton The Stork Club
1945 Perc Launders The Stork Club
1945 Reed Howes The Stork Club
1945 Barry Fitzgerald The Stork Club
1945 Franklin Farnum The Stork Club
1942 Larry Parks Hello Annapolis
1942 Herbert Rawlinson Hello Annapolis
1942 Robert Stevens Hello Annapolis
1942 Thurston Hall Hello Annapolis
1942 Jean Parker Hello Annapolis
1942 George Zucco The Mad Monster
1942 Robert Strange The Mad Monster
1942 Johnny Downs The Mad Monster
1942 Glenn Strange The Mad Monster
1941 Bess Flowers Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Reed Hadley Ziegfeld Girl
1941 James Flavin Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Al Hill Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Hedy Lamarr Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Judy Garland Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Dan Dailey Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Jackie Cooper Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Felix Bressart Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Eve Arden Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Roscoe Ates Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Armand Kaliz Ziegfeld Girl
1941 James Stewart Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Elliott Sullivan Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Paul Kelly Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Josephine Whittell Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Charles Winninger Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Al Shean Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Ian Hunter Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Edward Everett Horton Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Lana Turner Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Ray Teal Ziegfeld Girl
1941 Jean Wallace Ziegfeld Girl
1940 Marjorie Main Women Without Names
1940 John Harmon Women Without Names
1940 Ruth Warren Women Without Names
1940 Joe Sawyer Women Without Names
1940 Henry Roquemore Women Without Names
1940 Dick Elliott Women Without Names
1940 Louise Beavers Women Without Names
1940 Esther Dale Women Without Names
1940 Mary Gordon Women Without Names
1940 Ellen Drew Women Without Names
1940 James Flavin Women Without Names
1938 Robert Morley Marie Antoinette
1938 Tyrone Power Marie Antoinette
1938 Ben Hall Marie Antoinette
1938 Scotty Beckett Marie Antoinette
1938 John Barrymore Marie Antoinette
1938 Gustav von Seyffertitz Marie Antoinette
1938 Horace McMahon Marie Antoinette
1938 Reginald Gardiner Marie Antoinette
1938 Frank Jaquet Marie Antoinette
1938 Anita Louise Marie Antoinette
1938 Harry Davenport Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Kolker Marie Antoinette
1938 Barry Fitzgerald Marie Antoinette
1938 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Marie Antoinette
1938 Ruth Hussey Marie Antoinette
1938 Cecil Cunningham Marie Antoinette
1938 Peter Bull Marie Antoinette
1938 Norma Shearer Marie Antoinette
1938 Herbert Rawlinson Marie Antoinette
1938 Walter Walker Marie Antoinette
1938 Joseph Calleia Marie Antoinette
1938 George Zucco Marie Antoinette
1938 Ian Wolfe Marie Antoinette
1938 Joseph Schildkraut Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Daniell Marie Antoinette
1938 Albert Dekker Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Stephenson Marie Antoinette
1938 Buddy Roosevelt Marie Antoinette
1938 James Stephenson Nancy Drew - Detective
1938 John Litel Nancy Drew - Detective
1938 Frankie Thomas Nancy Drew - Detective
1938 Bonita Granville Nancy Drew - Detective
1938 Porter Hall Prison Farm
1938 Esther Dale Prison Farm
1938 Cecil Weston Prison Farm
1938 Ruth Warren Prison Farm
1938 Archie Twitchell Prison Farm
1938 John Hart Prison Farm
1938 Shirley Ross Prison Farm
1938 Pat West Prison Farm
1938 Marjorie Main Prison Farm
1938 Lloyd Nolan Prison Farm
1938 William Holden Prison Farm
1938 Dick Elliott Prison Farm
1938 Howard Mitchell Prison Farm
1938 J. Carrol Naish Prison Farm
1938 Anna Q. Nilsson Prison Farm
1937 Lee Shumway Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Archie Twitchell Daughter of Shanghai
1937 J. Carrol Naish Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Anthony Quinn Daughter of Shanghai
1937 John Hart Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Anna May Wong Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Charles Bickford Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Larry "Buster" Crabbe Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Cecil Cunningham Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Fred Kohler Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Paul Fix Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Evelyn Brent Daughter of Shanghai
1936 Andrea Leeds The Bohemian Girl
1936 Antonio Moreno The Bohemian Girl
1936 James C. Morton The Bohemian Girl
1936 Darla Hood The Bohemian Girl
1936 Paulette Goddard The Bohemian Girl
1936 Oliver Hardy The Bohemian Girl
1936 James Finlayson The Bohemian Girl
1936 Thelma Todd The Bohemian Girl
1936 Stan Laurel The Bohemian Girl
1936 Charles "Buddy" Rogers The Bohemian Girl
1936 Jon Hall The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 William Farnum The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Franklin Farnum The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Bryant Washburn The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Harry "Snub" Pollard The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Jack Mulhall The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Milburn Morante The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Reed Howes The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Yakima Canutt The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1935 Monte Montague The Affair of Susan
1935 Walter Catlett The Affair of Susan
1935 William Pawley The Affair of Susan
1935 Tom Dugan The Affair of Susan
1935 ZaSu Pitts The Affair of Susan
1935 Dorothy Granger The Affair of Susan
1935 Henry O'Neill Stranded
1935 Donald Woods Stranded
1935 Eily Malyon Stranded
1935 Frank Marlowe Stranded
1935 John Kelly Stranded
1935 Harrison Greene Stranded
1935 Kay Francis Stranded
1935 Hal Taliaferro Stranded
1935 Jack Richardson Stranded
1935 Richard Loo Stranded
1935 Frank LaRue Stranded
1935 William Harrigan Stranded
1935 George Brent Stranded
1935 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Stranded
1935 Adrian Morris Stranded
1935 Sam McDaniel Stranded
1935 Barton MacLane Stranded
1935 Edward McWade Stranded
1935 Frankie Darro Stranded
1935 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Tit for Tat
1935 Charlie Hall Tit for Tat
1935 James C. Morton Tit for Tat
1935 Oliver Hardy Tit for Tat
1935 Stan Laurel Tit for Tat
1934 James Flavin Beloved
1934 Josef Swickard Beloved
1934 Gloria Stuart Beloved
1934 John Boles Beloved
1934 Clara Blandick Beloved
1934 Mary Gordon Beloved
1934 King Baggot Beloved
1934 Mickey Rooney Beloved
1934 C. Montague Shaw Beloved
1934 Oliver Hardy Going Bye-Bye!
1934 Stan Laurel Going Bye-Bye!
1934 Clarence H. Wilson I Like It That Way
1934 Mickey Rooney I Like It That Way
1934 Gloria Stuart I Like It That Way
1934 Oliver Hardy Oliver the Eighth
1934 Stan Laurel Oliver the Eighth
1934 Alan Hale Picture Brides
1934 Franklin Parker Picture Brides
1934 Regis Toomey Picture Brides
1934 Al Hill Picture Brides
1934 Dorothy Mackaill Picture Brides
1933 Sterling Holloway Blondie Johnson
1933 Chester Morris Blondie Johnson
1933 Joan Blondell Blondie Johnson
1933 Allen Jenkins Blondie Johnson
1933 Claire Dodd Blondie Johnson
1933 Thelma Todd Cheating Blondes
1933 Ruth Chatterton Lilly Turner
1933 Grant Mitchell Lilly Turner
1933 Guy Kibbee Lilly Turner
1933 Frank McHugh Lilly Turner
1933 George Brent Lilly Turner
1933 Walter Brennan Lilly Turner
1933 Ruth Donnelly Lilly Turner
1933 Shirley Temple Out All Night
1933 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Out All Night
1933 George "Slim" Summerville Out All Night
1933 Reginald Denny Out All Night
1933 Billy Barty Out All Night
1933 ZaSu Pitts Out All Night
1933 Laura Hope Crews Out All Night
1933 Dickie Moore The Racing Strain
1933 John Farrell MacDonald The Racing Strain
1933 Lorin Raker The Racing Strain
1933 Paul Fix The Racing Strain
1933 Kit Guard The Racing Strain
1933 Lucien Littlefield Sons of the Desert
1933 Billy Gilbert Sons of the Desert
1933 Charlie Hall Sons of the Desert
1933 Stan Laurel Sons of the Desert
1933 Max Wagner Sons of the Desert
1933 Robert Cummings Sons of the Desert
1933 Charley Chase Sons of the Desert
1933 Oliver Hardy Sons of the Desert
1933 Mischa Auer Sucker Money
1933 Kit Guard Sucker Money
1933 Isabel Withers Women Won't Tell
1933 Dewey Robinson Women Won't Tell
1933 Jane Darwell Women Won't Tell
1932 Fay Wray Doctor X
1932 Lionel Atwill Doctor X
1932 Lee Tracy Doctor X
1932 Tom Dugan Doctor X
1932 Preston S. Foster Doctor X
1932 Robert Warwick Doctor X
1932 Walter Miller Heart Punch
1932 Conrad Nagel The Man Called Back
1932 Reginald Owen The Man Called Back
1932 Alan Mowbray The Man Called Back
1932 Doris Kenyon The Man Called Back
1932 John Halliday The Man Called Back
1932 Julie Compton The Man Called Back
1932 Tom Mix Rider of Death Valley
1932 Fred Kohler Rider of Death Valley
1932 Iron Eyes Cody Rider of Death Valley
1932 Edith Fellows Rider of Death Valley
1932 Lois Wilson Rider of Death Valley
1932 Mischa Auer Scarlet Dawn
1932 Nancy Carroll Scarlet Dawn
1932 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Scarlet Dawn
1932 Dewey Robinson Scarlet Dawn
1932 Guy Kibbee Scarlet Dawn
1932 Lilyan Tashman Scarlet Dawn
1932 Stan Laurel Their First Mistake
1932 Billy Gilbert Their First Mistake
1932 Oliver Hardy Their First Mistake
1932 Ed Brady Without Honors
1932 Harry Carey Without Honors
1932 Jack Richardson Without Honors
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes Without Honors
1931 Oliver Hardy Chickens Come Home
1931 Thelma Todd Chickens Come Home
1931 Stan Laurel Chickens Come Home
1931 James Finlayson Chickens Come Home
1931 Charlie Hall Come Clean
1931 Stan Laurel Come Clean
1931 Oliver Hardy Come Clean
1931 Kit Guard Defenders of the Law
1931 Paul Panzer Defenders of the Law
1931 Una Merkel Wicked
1931 Ruth Donnelly Wicked
1931 Victor McLaglen Wicked
1931 Elissa Landi Wicked
1931 Irene Rich Wicked
1930 George Irving Young Desire
1929 Pat O'Malley Alibi
1929 Chester Morris Alibi
1929 Ed Brady Alibi
1929 Purnell Pratt Alibi
1929 Al Hill Alibi
1929 Regis Toomey Alibi
1929 Greta Garbo A Man's Man
1929 William Haines A Man's Man
1929 John Gilbert A Man's Man
1929 Sam Hardy A Man's Man
1929 Thelma Todd Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Stan Laurel Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Edgar Kennedy Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Oliver Hardy Unaccustomed as We Are
1928 Lila Lee Black Butterflies
1928 Jobyna Ralston Black Butterflies
1928 Charles Farrell Fazil
1928 John Boles Fazil
1928 Betty Blythe Sisters of Eve
1928 Creighton Hale Sisters of Eve
1928 Lon Chaney While the City Sleeps
1927 Jean Arthur Husband Hunters
1927 James Finlayson Love 'em and Weep
1927 Oliver Hardy Love 'em and Weep
1927 Stan Laurel Love 'em and Weep
1927 Pat O'Malley Perch of the Devil
1927 Percy Marmont San Francisco Nights
1927 George E. Stone San Francisco Nights
1927 William Desmond Tongues of Scandal
1926 Hedda Hopper Fools of Fashion
1926 Edward Everett Horton The Nutcracker
1926 Harry Myers The Nutcracker
1926 Rosemary Theby The Truthful Sex
1926 Huntly Gordon The Truthful Sex
1925 Ben Alexander Frivolous Sal
1925 Tom Santschi Frivolous Sal
1925 Creighton Hale Time, the Comedian
1925 Matt Moore The Unholy Three
1925 Lon Chaney The Unholy Three
1925 Victor McLaglen The Unholy Three
1924 Wanda Hawley Bread
1924 Pat O'Malley Bread
1924 Hobart Bosworth Bread
1924 Adolphe Menjou Broken Barriers
1924 James Kirkwood Broken Barriers
1924 Norma Shearer Broken Barriers
1924 John Gilbert Married Flirts
1924 Mae Murray Married Flirts
1924 Huntly Gordon Married Flirts
1924 May McAvoy Married Flirts
1924 Pauline Frederick Married Flirts
1924 Conrad Nagel Married Flirts
1924 Alice Hollister Married Flirts
1924 Robert Z. Leonard Married Flirts
1924 Norma Shearer Married Flirts
1924 Lucien Littlefield Name the Man
1924 Conrad Nagel Name the Man
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller Name the Man
1924 Creighton Hale Name the Man
1924 Hobart Bosworth Name the Man
1924 Lilyan Tashman Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Edmund Lowe Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Raymond Griffith Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Hobart Bosworth Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Claire Windsor Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 George Siegmann The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Nelson McDowell The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Percy Marmont The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Lucien Littlefield A Woman Who Sinned
1924 Irene Rich A Woman Who Sinned
1923 Beryl Mercer Christian
1923 Richard Dix Christian
1923 Phyllis Haver Christian
1923 John St. Polis Souls for Sale
1923 June Mathis Souls for Sale
1923 Erich Von Stroheim Souls for Sale
1923 Fred Niblo Souls for Sale
1923 King Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Marshall Neilan Souls for Sale
1923 Blanche Sweet Souls for Sale
1923 Milton Sills Souls for Sale
1923 Jack Richardson Souls for Sale
1923 Claire Windsor Souls for Sale
1923 Johnny Walker Souls for Sale
1923 Florence Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller Souls for Sale
1923 William Haines Souls for Sale
1923 Hobart Bosworth Souls for Sale
1923 Bessie Love Souls for Sale
1923 ZaSu Pitts Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Souls for Sale
1923 Richard Dix Souls for Sale
1923 Raymond Griffith Souls for Sale
1923 Kathlyn Williams Souls for Sale
1923 Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale
1923 Charles Chaplin Souls for Sale
1923 Elliott Dexter Souls for Sale
1922 Erich Von Stroheim Foolish Wives
1922 Harrison Ford Foolish Wives
1922 Ethel Clayton Her Own Money
1922 Warner Baxter Her Own Money
1922 Roscoe Karns Her Own Money
1922 Tully Marshall Only a Shop Girl
1922 Willard Louis Only a Shop Girl
1922 Estelle Taylor Only a Shop Girl
1922 Wallace Beery Only a Shop Girl
1922 Buck Jones Pardon My Nerve
1921 Warner Baxter The Love Charm
1921 Wanda Hawley The Love Charm
1921 Marie Prevost Parisian Scandal
1919 Tully Marshall The Grim Game
1915 Josef Swickard The Best of Enemies
1915 Mabel Normand Keystone Comedies, Vol. 4
1915 Ford Sterling Keystone Comedies, Vol. 4
1915 Al St. John Keystone Comedies, Vol. 4
1915 Edgar Kennedy Keystone Comedies, Vol. 4
1915 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Keystone Comedies, Vol. 4
1915 Edgar Kennedy Keystone Comedies, Vol. 6
1915 Mack Swain Keystone Comedies, Vol. 6
1915 Louise Fazenda Keystone Comedies, Vol. 6
1915 Louise Fazenda Keystone Comedies, Vol. 7
1915 Mack Swain Keystone Comedies, Vol. 7
1915 Harold Lloyd A One Night Stand
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