Pat never fails!

By therealbellafromtwilight
Written June 21, 2008
It was a laugh out loud romantic comedy, very similar to "My Best Friends Wedding" I can sum it up with these quotes: "We laughed, We Cried" "Fell in love with the characters" "Laugh out loud good" Summary: Sexy man, can get all the women he wants and he loves it. He is in love with his best friend, but doesn't realize it until she gets engaged to what he see's as the perfect man. Now he has to take him down.
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By angelbird1224
Written April 30, 2008
Had free passes so went with my 18 yr old daughter and 21 yr old niece. We will all definitely see it again and this time have my 5 sisters and another niece come with us.
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Best in Years!

By haemeenee
Written May 09, 2008
Similar as it is to other popular Romance Comedies like My Best Friends Wedding, this movie was hilarious, heart throbbing, charming, and unique all together. I haven't watched a great romance comedy in a long time, and this movie hit the spot. Patrick Dempsey is an amazing actor (from Enchanted) who brings a lot to his movies and Made of Honor is definitely one of his bests. Also, the scenes of Scotland are beautiful, especially on Big Screen. It's one of those movies, you can't base it off of the Reviews (ironically). You should purchase your own ticket and go see it for yourself. Great movie for couples :)
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yes yes yes

By Abaybay49
Written April 30, 2008
go plz go it is awesome
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Made of Honor

By swimbikerungirl
Written May 08, 2008
After seeing Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted, I thought my 8-year-old might enjoy this picture; however, if given a do-over, I wouldn't have taken her to see this movie. Though, it did provide some opportunities for education. Made of Honor is a perfect date movie for man and wife. Sure, it is a 'chic flick'; however, there is enough manly humor to keep the men amused. One of the points that stands out in the movie proves true in real life. "If a man can get the milk for free, why buy the cow?" Patrick Dempsey's character sure enjoyed the easy girls; however, he wouldn't think of marrying any one of them. Who was he willing to marry and actually settle down with? The girl who didn't have sex with him. Who did he actually share his hopes, dreams, and quality time with? The girl who didn't have sex with him. Hmmmmmm. Hope girls will learn that they are special, valuable, and worthy of respect. Respect and admiration are given to girls who don't give themselves up so easily!
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