Madeleine Stowe
Date of Birth
Aug 18, 1958
Birth Place:
Eagle Rock, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Henry Czerny Revenge: Season 02
2011 Henry Czerny Revenge: Season 01
2007 Jeff Goldblum Raines [TV Series]
2005 Bruce Greenwood Saving Milly
2005 Michael J. Fox Saving Milly
2003 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Pulse
2002 Sylvester Stallone Avenging Angelo
2002 Anthony Quinn Avenging Angelo
2002 Andy Garcia Avenging Angelo
2002 Keri Russell We Were Soldiers
2002 Mel Gibson We Were Soldiers
2002 Barry Pepper We Were Soldiers
2002 Sam Elliott We Were Soldiers
2002 Greg Kinnear We Were Soldiers
2002 Chris Klein We Were Soldiers
2002 Denis Leary We Were Soldiers
2001 Vincent D'Onofrio Impostor
2001 Elizabeth Peña Impostor
2001 Gary Sinise Impostor
2001 Lindsay Crouse Impostor
2001 Tracey Walter Impostor
2001 Tony Shalhoub Impostor
2001 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers The Magnificent Ambersons
2001 Jennifer Tilly The Magnificent Ambersons
2001 Bruce Greenwood The Magnificent Ambersons
2001 Dina Merrill The Magnificent Ambersons
2001 James Cromwell The Magnificent Ambersons
1999 Clarence Williams III The General's Daughter
1999 John Travolta The General's Daughter
1999 John Frankenheimer The General's Daughter
1999 James Woods The General's Daughter
1999 Timothy Hutton The General's Daughter
1999 James Cromwell The General's Daughter
1998 Angelina Jolie Playing by Heart
1998 Jon Stewart Playing by Heart
1998 Amanda Peet Playing by Heart
1998 Ryan Phillippe Playing by Heart
1998 Jay Mohr Playing by Heart
1998 Anthony Edwards Playing by Heart
1998 Dennis Quaid Playing by Heart
1998 Gillian Anderson Playing by Heart
1998 Gena Rowlands Playing by Heart
1998 Sean Connery Playing by Heart
1998 Ellen Burstyn Playing by Heart
1998 Blythe Danner The Proposition
1998 Kenneth Branagh The Proposition
1998 Robert Loggia The Proposition
1998 William Hurt The Proposition
1995 David Morse 12 Monkeys
1995 Bruce Willis 12 Monkeys
1995 Christopher Plummer 12 Monkeys
1995 Christopher Meloni 12 Monkeys
1995 Brad Pitt 12 Monkeys
1994 James LeGros Bad Girls
1994 James Russo Bad Girls
1994 Andie MacDowell Bad Girls
1994 Drew Barrymore Bad Girls
1994 Mary Stuart Masterson Bad Girls
1994 Stuart Whitman Bad Girls
1994 Dermot Mulroney Bad Girls
1994 Robert Loggia Bad Girls
1994 Aidan Quinn Blink
1994 Laurie Metcalf Blink
1994 Charles Dance China Moon
1994 Benicio Del Toro China Moon
1994 Pruitt Taylor Vince China Moon
1994 Ed Harris China Moon
1993 Richard Dreyfuss Another Stakeout
1993 Emilio Estevez Another Stakeout
1993 John Rubinstein Another Stakeout
1993 Rosie O'Donnell Another Stakeout
1993 Marcia Strassman Another Stakeout
1993 Cathy Moriarty Another Stakeout
1993 Dennis Farina Another Stakeout
1993 Miguel Ferrer Another Stakeout
1993 Matthew Modine Short Cuts
1993 Lily Tomlin Short Cuts
1993 Julianne Moore Short Cuts
1993 Tim Robbins Short Cuts
1993 Jack Lemmon Short Cuts
1993 Buck Henry Short Cuts
1993 Fred Ward Short Cuts
1993 Tom Waits Short Cuts
1993 Robert Downey, Jr. Short Cuts
1993 Peter Gallagher Short Cuts
1993 Frances McDormand Short Cuts
1993 Anne Archer Short Cuts
1993 Bruce Davison Short Cuts
1993 Robert DoQui Short Cuts
1993 Lori Singer Short Cuts
1993 Lili Taylor Short Cuts
1993 Chris Penn Short Cuts
1993 Lyle Lovett Short Cuts
1993 Andie MacDowell Short Cuts
1993 Jennifer Jason Leigh Short Cuts
1992 Daniel Day-Lewis The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Colm Meaney The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Jodhi May The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Terry Kinney The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Jared Harris The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Patrice Chéreau The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Pete Postlethwaite The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Dylan Baker The Last of the Mohicans
1992 Robert Costanzo Unlawful Entry
1992 Djimon Hounsou Unlawful Entry
1992 Dick Miller Unlawful Entry
1992 Roger E. Mosley Unlawful Entry
1992 Kurt Russell Unlawful Entry
1992 Ray Liotta Unlawful Entry
1992 Andy Romano Unlawful Entry
1990 Alan Rickman Closet Land
1990 Sally Kirkland Revenge
1990 John Leguizamo Revenge
1990 Anthony Quinn Revenge
1990 Miguel Ferrer Revenge
1990 Kevin Costner Revenge
1990 Tracey Walter The Two Jakes
1990 Tom Waits The Two Jakes
1990 Meg Tilly The Two Jakes
1990 Eli Wallach The Two Jakes
1990 Rubén Blades The Two Jakes
1990 Jack Nicholson The Two Jakes
1990 Richard Farnsworth The Two Jakes
1990 Frederic Forrest The Two Jakes
1990 Faye Dunaway The Two Jakes
1990 David Keith The Two Jakes
1990 Perry Lopez The Two Jakes
1990 Harvey Keitel The Two Jakes
1989 Mark Harmon Worth Winning
1989 Arthur Malet Worth Winning
1989 Lesley Ann Warren Worth Winning
1988 Tim Allen Tropical Snow
1988 David Carradine Tropical Snow
1987 Emilio Estevez Stakeout
1987 Aidan Quinn Stakeout
1987 Forest Whitaker Stakeout
1987 Richard Dreyfuss Stakeout
1986 Richard Dysart Blood and Orchids
1986 Susan Blakely Blood and Orchids
1986 Jane Alexander Blood and Orchids
1986 Sean Young Blood and Orchids
1986 William Russ Blood and Orchids
1986 José Ferrer Blood and Orchids
1986 Kris Kristofferson Blood and Orchids
1984 Stella Stevens Amazons
1984 William Schallert Amazons
1981 Robert Davi Gangster Wars
1981 George DiCenzo Gangster Wars
1981 Michael Nouri Gangster Wars
1981 Joe Penny Gangster Wars
1980 Michael Sarrazin Beulah Land
1980 Allyn Ann McLerie Beulah Land
1980 Don Johnson Beulah Land
1980 Meredith Baxter-Birney Beulah Land
1980 Lesley Ann Warren Beulah Land
1980 Martha Scott Beulah Land
1980 Eddie Albert Beulah Land
1980 Jenny Agutter Beulah Land
1980 Dorian Harewood Beulah Land
1980 Hope Lange Beulah Land
1980 Jonathan Frakes Beulah Land
1980 Mariclare Costello Little House on the Prairie: Portrait of Love
1980 Michael Landon Little House on the Prairie: Portrait of Love
1978 Ned Romero The Deerslayer
1978 John Rhys-Davies The Nativity
1978 Leo McKern The Nativity
1978 Paul Stewart The Nativity
1978 Jane Wyatt The Nativity
1978 Audrey Totter The Nativity
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