Madeleine Potter
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1963

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Jean Vigo Red Lights
2012 Cillian Murphy Red Lights
2012 Sigourney Weaver Red Lights
2012 Robert De Niro Red Lights
2012 Joely Richardson Red Lights
2005 Richard Curtis The Girl in the Café
2005 Kelly MacDonald The Girl in the Café
2005 Bill Nighy The Girl in the Café
2005 Vanessa Redgrave The White Countess
2005 Ralph Fiennes The White Countess
2005 John Wood The White Countess
2005 Natasha Richardson The White Countess
2005 Lynn Redgrave The White Countess
2001 Virginia McKenna The Whistle-Blower
2001 Bill Paterson The Whistle-Blower
2000 Uma Thurman The Golden Bowl
2000 James Fox The Golden Bowl
2000 Jeremy Northam The Golden Bowl
2000 Nick Nolte The Golden Bowl
2000 Anjelica Huston The Golden Bowl
2000 Kate Beckinsale The Golden Bowl
1996 Craig Wasson Harvest of Fire
1996 Lolita Davidovich Harvest of Fire
1996 Patty Duke Harvest of Fire
1996 Jennifer Garner Harvest of Fire
1996 Wesley Addy Harvest of Fire
1990 Harvey Keitel Two Evil Eyes
1990 Sally Kirkland Two Evil Eyes
1990 E.G. Marshall Two Evil Eyes
1990 Kim Hunter Two Evil Eyes
1990 Martin Balsam Two Evil Eyes
1990 Adrienne Barbeau Two Evil Eyes
1990 John Amos Two Evil Eyes
1989 Jennifer Grey Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Matt Dillon Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Steve Buscemi Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Louis Zorich Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Madonna Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Rutger Hauer Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Julie Hagerty Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Anita Morris Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Esai Morales Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Stephen McHattie Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Randy Quaid Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Fisher Stevens Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Chris Sarandon Slaves of New York
1989 Betty Comden Slaves of New York
1989 Mercedes Ruehl Slaves of New York
1989 Stanley Tucci Slaves of New York
1989 Anthony LaPaglia Slaves of New York
1989 Bernadette Peters Slaves of New York
1989 Mary Beth Hurt Slaves of New York
1989 Tammy Grimes Slaves of New York
1989 Steve Buscemi Slaves of New York
1987 Judith Ivey Hello Again
1987 Corbin Bernsen Hello Again
1987 Shelley Long Hello Again
1987 Robert Q. Lewis Hello Again
1987 Gabriel Byrne Hello Again
1987 Sela Ward Hello Again
1987 Lynne Thigpen Hello Again
1987 Illeana Douglas Hello Again
1987 Mariel Hemingway The Suicide Club
1984 Wallace Shawn The Bostonians
1984 Christopher Reeve The Bostonians
1984 Vanessa Redgrave The Bostonians
1984 Jessica Tandy The Bostonians
1984 Nancy Marchand The Bostonians
1984 Linda Hunt The Bostonians
1984 Wesley Addy The Bostonians
1983 Elizabeth Ashley Svengali
1983 Peter O'Toole Svengali
1983 Jodie Foster Svengali
1983 Holly Hunter Svengali
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