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Is 3 the best one?

By Aaronius
Written June 13, 2012
My wife and I took our 8 and 13 year old boys to see the third Madagascar after looking at the plugs on daytime TV and commercials. My boys seems to like the film well enough, however my wife and I thought that the movies was overdone in parts. Primarily the Animal Catcher from Monte Carlo. We felt her role was completely overdone and even unnecessary altogether. Otherwise, I thought it just as funny as the previous movies, however I feel that the first Madagascar was still the best.
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Madagascar 3

By nanniecarmody
Written June 27, 2012
I brought my two grand sons to see this movie yesturday. Their ages are 7 & 9. They loved it. The music was wonderful, the charicters were delightful, the color and animation were outstanding. The storyline is sweet, exciting, funny and enjoyed not only by my grandchildren but also by me. I feel this movie can and will be enjoyed by all ages.
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Madagascar A Family Hit

By musu_tyler
Written June 11, 2012
I took my two children and my nephew to see this movie, it was very great and very hilarious. My children were cracking up the whole time. Must take your family to see this movie, a true family hit!!!
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Madagascar 3

By bee1
Written June 25, 2012
I really didn't want to see this one because I didn't like the 2nd but my son wanted to see it. I have to say I really enjoyed this movie.
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Madagascar 3

By Jmarvel00
Written June 12, 2012
Well this movie starts off right at the end of the second Madagascar you have all the cast return for the exception of those introduced in the last movie. it had some funny moments and the animation was pretty good but i think that they should have gone with some different songs especially that fireworks song when they were performing in the circus. The plot follows as this they are trying to find the penguins and when they do they cause a ruckus which then has the followed by this animal control lady who wants to put the lion head on a mantle so they escape only to join a circus where they need to help it become the best circus so they can be signed to go perform in USA well they then get caught in a lie and then they are shunned like every story ever. That is the plot in a nut shell and I think you can guess what happens next. I say it is so so but if you don't believe me well see for your self or go with your kids. I went with my sister's kids they seemed to enjoy it,
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