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Madagascar 3

By tammyhackl
Written June 22, 2012
I wasn't much of a fan of #2 so it was hard to agree to go to #3 but in the end, I enjoyed the show.
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A laughing good time for everyone!

By movie_fan_of_3
Written June 29, 2012
I took three boys ages 10, 12 and 12 and they really enjoyed it. Lots of laugh out loud parts. Great 'special effects' if you can have that in an animated movie. A number of jokes for the parents to pick up on, "How are a zebra, a giraffe, a lion, and a hippo going to walk into a casino? Ask the rabbi!" Ha! Stong, new characters, and a plot line leaving you wanting more and wondering where this group is going to go next!
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Kids enjoyed it

By ydshipton
Written August 29, 2015
My 11 year old son and friends enjoyed it and thought it was funny. My 14 year old daughter thought it was ok. I thought there were some funny comments and scenes. I don't think it was worth $24.50 for us to see it in the theater. Would have rather waited until it was at Redbox.
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By wellis2
Written February 12, 2016
My six year old thought it was awesome! I enjoyed it. There were a lot of laughs, action and excitement in the film, so I'd definitely give it a thumbs up. This third installment was much different than the "formula" of first two. I thought, at first, that the addition of the French animal control team headed by that psycho lady would be too over the top, and I was prepared to hate it, but it was well done and extremely humorous. Epileptics might want to be careful because there were scenes with bright swirling colors, but overall, it was a very good movie the whole family could enjoy.
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Awesome.. :)

By DeepakGoyalG
Written May 06, 2016
Amazing movie.. not only for kids for for grown ups too.. I took my 4 yr daughter to watch this one, but i myself enjoyed the movie fully...
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