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What a fun movie!

By mommy723
Written June 11, 2012
Loved this movie, and so did my 8-year-old daughter! The outlandish characters, such as Captain DuBois, are simply over the top. The lemur and Sonia the bear were hilarious, too. The unrealistic elements that make the plot possible are just plain fun; only in dreams can this happen. Don't miss this movie!
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Madagascar 3

By SumskyFamily
Written June 11, 2012
Really enjoyed the movie. My wife and I took our three kiddos (4, 7 and 10) and they enjoyed it too. There were many spots in the movie where the adults were laughing harder than the kids. Go see it! You will not be disappointed. CmS - Marietta, GA
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Madagascar 3 in 3d

By momikakoo1029
Written June 09, 2012
It was great. I thought it was better than the first two. The storyline was really good and followed along with the first two movies. The acting was great too. The 3d effects were the best I've seen for a kids movie and although I'm calling this a kids movie, I laughed as much as my daughter! Definately worth seeing!
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Kids loved it

By shaki
Written June 30, 2012
Martin (11 years old): It was GOOD. and Funny. Nathan (10 years old): It was awesome and awesome and awesome X 7. Dad (age not given): It was entertaining.
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By rawvibes
Written June 18, 2012
I really hope this is the last installment of Madagascar. Why? Well they broke out of the zoo, they got lost in africa and they mad it back home what next. Anyways with children movies targeting young teens and higher, the yougins have fewer movies to enjoy. This movie is pg, with a bunch of friends just trying to get back home. This circus is belly busting funny. The family will enjoy. If It was me, I'd watch it in 2D and save the money for Mc Donalds Fries. But thats me
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