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By rawvibes
Written June 18, 2012
I really hope this is the last installment of Madagascar. Why? Well they broke out of the zoo, they got lost in africa and they mad it back home what next. Anyways with children movies targeting young teens and higher, the yougins have fewer movies to enjoy. This movie is pg, with a bunch of friends just trying to get back home. This circus is belly busting funny. The family will enjoy. If It was me, I'd watch it in 2D and save the money for Mc Donalds Fries. But thats me
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madagascar 3

By covacha7
Written June 17, 2012
My 11 year old grandson thoroughly enjoyed the movie, he was laughing during the entire movie. I found it entertaining and, having read the reviews, was surprised at how low some of them rated the film. I saw the first movie in the series, but I thought this one was more thought provoking and functioned on several levels. It was good for my grandson and good enough for me, although I thought the day glo colors and graphics smacked of the Rainbow Bridge in one of the Mario 64 games.
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Must see in 3D. Cute Close to the Story

By Chanel_MovieLUVER
Written June 10, 2012
The story has closed. The animals become Europe's most wanted and it is cute as ever. Afro Circus is hilarious as ever, but even my kids are sick of Afro Circus thanks to the over hype of the song. I am surprised it isn't on the radio. All in all the movie is cute. The action is fun. It is DEFINITELY a must see in 3d. I normally do not recommend 3d movies but Madagascar 3 is a must. The finale brings everything full circle and you just fall in love with Afro Circus all over again.
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comedic visual euphoria

By godstevies
Written July 09, 2012
One of the top 3d movies ever, let alone animated flicks, hilarious for all ages. The visuals alone are the greatest ever for any animated feature, kept comedy rolling from start to finish, and is really a standard for any animated comedy.
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Not as good as i hoped, but still entertaining

By naumack
Written June 13, 2012
My 4 year old couldn't wait to see this movie. I wasn't crazy about the story, but my baby girl had a great time. We went to the 3D showing, didn't get the laughs I was expecting but I must say, the graphics are unbelievable, the details are just amazing. Just so so for me.
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