it was good

By kalipoohbear2
Written March 17, 2008
i enjoyed it very much
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mad money

By frgurule
Written February 20, 2008
movie was great made us laugh and we talked about the movie after the show.
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Got to see

By Randy Dees
Written February 20, 2008
you know film critics dont always know what is good for the public. this was a very good movie. i would recommend it for anyone that wants a good movie. it has a good cast and supporting actors. its a must see movie.
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By sp3kdsofl
Written February 20, 2008
This is a great girls night out movie for women of all ages!
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I liked 'Mad Money'

By cocosilk
Written February 12, 2008
It can be considered a 'chick flick', but the men who were in the audience at the screening I was in seemed to enjoy it as well. Diane, Queen and Katie seemed to have good chemistry. The ending was especially gratifying for me. I would recommend this film to anyone needing to take two hours out of their hectic lives to be entertained by a good film.
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