Delivers part way

By MongrolMan
Written August 06, 2008
This one is good to me, but I bet many others would hate this because it's very dark and relies on image rather than a complete story. I enjoyed it, but I played it safe with a "So-So"
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The Machinist

By Drez_Digital
Written June 02, 2010
Apart from christian bale losing 4 stone for the role that's about as interesting as the film is it soon becomes a slow,strange thriller with a story that's all over the place.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written May 31, 2009
After the initial shock of seeing Christian Bale in his skeletal state playing the sleep-deprived, mentally unraveled character of Trevor Reznik, THE MACHINIST delivers on its intentions to be a very moody Kafka-esque nightmare about a man slowly slipping into madness. Very intiguing puzzle of a movie with terrifically enhanced art direction and understated acting that makes all the "surreal" qualities all the more effective. Also has a very pulsating musical score that gives all the scenes the imperative menace. Jennifer Jason Leigh adds to her array of strange parts playing the loyal hooker/girlfriend. Very original and at times quite though-provoking!
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By Rbastian12
Written April 02, 2011
Christian Bale's performance and preparation for this film is unbeliveable, he completey commits to the role, racing through this suspense thriller as an insominac.
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