Machine Gun Preacher Synopsis
Former biker Sam Childers (Gerard Butler) establishes an orphanage in Africa.
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Well worth the price of a ticket

By jennyfaire
I watched Machine Gun Preacher and was both disturbed and thrilled. The disturbing part was how incredibly sad and scary the lives of the children are in that part of Sudan. And that this movie is...

Gripping and Human

By Character_Count
This movie did an excellent job of showing the human element of the story without belaboring pointless details. It brilliantly let us figure out the trivial moments of life while showing us the parts...

Machine Gun Preacher review

By Koldman
A touching true story with phenomenal acting by the entire cast. Gerard Butler is my favorite actor, and he's delivered another fantastic performance. It will also make you think, how can I help?...

See This Movie!

By osfanlt
truly wonderful film about Sam Childers! what a story! Gerard Butler is amazing as Sam Childers! The whole cast is execellant! Gerard certainly is able to show the anger, the pain, the...

Machine Gun Preacher

By jovichick
This is the true of Sam Chillders. He was a drug addiict who found God. He later goes to Africa to save children. It hit a little bit home since my family is from Poland & my parents were small...

Heartbreaking and Thought-provoking

By bethy1017
Machine Gun Preacher is not for the faint of heart. It's based on a true story about a man who gives up a life of drugs and crime after becoming a Born-again Christian. He goes over to Sudan to...


By Bdecke
What a great movie. It has it all. Great story, great cast, action and drama. I highly recommend this movie for it's overall quality. I'm so happy I saw it....

Good movie but not one I'd ncessarily seek out

By browningsm
Good action in this movie, a little slow, basic story line is interesting and curious - drug dealing rough n tough bully turned good spirited stand up guy saving children in the sudan; good story but...

Heart wrearching

By stefyb
I thought this was a great movie. The acting was sublime and funny enough it wasn't a preachy movie. It just made you mad, sad and angry. A great vehicle for Gerard Butler....

This is a Must See!

By quincy4real
This movie is very inspiring and should be seen by everyone out there. It will ignite a Passion for God and Compassion for people, which causes Faith to effectively make a difference in the world!...

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Rated R | For Disturbing Images, A Scene of Sexuality, Language, Some Drug Use and Violent Content
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Common Sense Media says Gruesome redemption tale made tedious by oversimplification.
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