Well worth the price of a ticket

By jennyfaire
Written October 20, 2011
I watched Machine Gun Preacher and was both disturbed and thrilled. The disturbing part was how incredibly sad and scary the lives of the children are in that part of Sudan. And that this movie is based on real life, and that the events are happening right now, is truly scary. It makes me appreciatemore all that I have. The thrilling part was watching how well everything was put together in the movie. The acting was terrific and there were no weak characters. It was balanced nicely between the violence and emotional parts. The movie pulled you in and kept you there throughout. Well done! Especially for a Hollywood movie. I hope it does well in its limited release, so that it can be released to a wider audience.
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Gripping and Human

By Character_Count
Written February 15, 2012
This movie did an excellent job of showing the human element of the story without belaboring pointless details. It brilliantly let us figure out the trivial moments of life while showing us the parts with real emotional impact and immediate plot relevance. I wish even half of the movies in Hollywood had pacing this good.
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Machine Gun Preacher review

By Koldman
Written October 07, 2011
A touching true story with phenomenal acting by the entire cast. Gerard Butler is my favorite actor, and he's delivered another fantastic performance. It will also make you think, how can I help?
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See This Movie!

By osfanlt
Written October 06, 2011
truly wonderful film about Sam Childers! what a story! Gerard Butler is amazing as Sam Childers! The whole cast is execellant! Gerard certainly is able to show the anger, the pain, the heartache that Sam Childers has lived through. It also brings much needed attention to a part of the world that really needs help. Way to go Gerard!
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Machine Gun Preacher

By jovichick
Written October 07, 2011
This is the true of Sam Chillders. He was a drug addiict who found God. He later goes to Africa to save children. It hit a little bit home since my family is from Poland & my parents were small children when WWII was happening. You can't fathom what goes on in the minds of people to be so evil. I had seen the real Sam Childers at a church in Munster, IN. His message was, it's not just the children in Africa who are kidnapped, killed, etc., but, all over the world. We should be helping children everywhere.
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