Boring and lame

By jhs39
Written September 19, 2014
For some reason Robert Rodriguez thinks making bad movies on purpose is as funny as unintentional bad movies of the sort they used to ridicule on Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's not. The joke was already badly overextended with his episode of Grindhouse, which felt like a skit stretched out to feature length. The joke has since gotten much thinner with each Machete film. Considering that Planet Terror and Machete both tanked I'm not sure why he thinks these movies are a good idea, but Machete Kills is going to do even worse at the box office than his twp previous stabs at this idea--hopefully the threatened sequel, Machete Kills Again In Space, will never actually happen. Machete Kills manages a couple of laughs but mostly it's just tedious--it's actually even more lifeless and flat than Spy Kids 4 was--maybe Rodriguez needs to stop making sequels (Sin City 2 is on tap next) and come up with something new. If you must see this wait for it on video.
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It's cheezy and over the top, but a nice one at that

By The_Engineer
Written September 24, 2014
I will keep it short. The movie seemed a bit off beat comparing to the first one during the first 20 minutes and I almost walked out. And I am glad I didn't. It really took 20 minutes to wind this movie up and set the viewer up for the whole idea. In a way this movie tries to oppose some of 'Machete Ways', his do's and dont's. I ended up enjoying this flick quite a bit. It is funny and ridiculous. It explores stunts so b-movie crazy that you will not believe your eyes. I will not tell anything not to spoil it for you. But it is done with a style. Go see it. Have a beer before you go.
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Full of schlock and schtick and worth every minute of it

By elcap1999
Written January 25, 2015
I must admit, Robert Rodriguez's films in recent years have become something of a guilty pleasure of mine. This sequel to Machete didn't disappoint either. Will the movie win an Oscar? I highly doubt it, but those who think movies are only made to win awards are completely missing the point with Machete Kills. Sometimes, Hollywood takes itself too seriously, and there are some movies out there that parody and poke fun at all the cliche's in film-making, and there are times when Machete Kills will be quire literally parodying itself., and they're kinda hard to miss. There's no shortage of blood, guts, gore, T&A, over-the-top villains, and everything else you've come to expect from Rodriguez's more adult-centered fare. There are also some blatant references to GI Joe, Star Wars & Star Trek (fans will recognize them immediately), as well as a not-so-subtle reference/parody of The Empire Strikes Back on two separate occasions. All in all, a damn good time!
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Good Movie

By ikindubetter617
Written December 28, 2014
This movie pretty good, the cast is full of big names, there is a lot of action and then there is the comedy. If you like Danny Trejo, the comedy almost makes it a must see.
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Decent but not as good as first

By ryantpesecky
Written October 14, 2013
I liked this movie but I did get bored with the off the wall script that had a lot of problems and didn't make sense at times. I get that it's just about random fun killings in this but it was pretty off the wall. Some of the special effects were really lame in it too. I remember the first one actually looked decent.
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