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In MACHETE KILLS, Danny Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent MACHETE, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man.
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By Gabe Toro
Like its predecessor, Machete Kills is never less than busy with ridiculousness.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Machete Kills is gruesomely baroque trash staged with a kinetic freedom that is truly eye-popping, so you can forgive its lapses, like how...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
You’re really going for Rodriguez’s retrohappy splatter: Intestines tangle in helicopter rotors, heads pop in spring-loaded decapitations,...
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Village Voice

By Amy Nicholson
Kills tops the 2010 original by not giving a mierda about logic or character.
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By William Goss
More focused and less preachy than its exploitation-riffing predecessor, the comparably shoddy Machete Kills nonetheless peters out in the...
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Slant Magazine

By Chris Cabin
The films that Robert Rodriguez emulates here are known for similar unexpected narrative turns, but the crucial value that he misses is...
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USA Today

By Scott Bowles
Machete Kills dulls more than anything. It's not that Robert Rodriguez's sequel lacks any of the camp or exploitative violence of the 2010...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
The harder everyone tries to wring laughs out of the next hail of bullets or the next ridiculous plot twist or the next comedic...
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By James Berardinelli
Those who love Robert Rodriguez's over-the-top Grindhouse-flavored spoofs will delight in this one but, ultimately, this is probably one...
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By Geoff Berkshire
As violent as its predecessor yet noticeably duller and less outrageous, Machete Kills is dragged to the finish line entirely by its...
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Machete Don't Fail!

By MedRed
If you saw the first movie, you know exactly what you're getting into. Machete Kills is shockingly graphic. The scale and scope of Machete Kills is much larger than the first movie. While fun, it...

Not as good as the first

By TheBeeNJ
Didn't go in expecting a 'good' movie, but thought it would be fun like the first. There were parts...don't get me wrong, but overall I found it boring....

Machete Don't Write Reviews

By darthmacho
Just kidding! A B-movie with an A-list cast, Machete Kills is exactly what it was meant to be, an entertaining movie that is not meant to be taken too seriously. The plot took an unexpected turn...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

By Pa3cya
If you like "Machete" you must go see this movie! It is a lot of classic fun! All-star actors were great. Unexpected plot-twists. We enjoyed every minute of it!...

More of the same in the best way possible.

By fearbringer632
If you liked the first movie, you'll like this movie. It's not nearly as good, but it's more of the same stupid fun. If you hated the first movie, this won't change your mind....

ay ay machete

By newsgirl10
plot got too complicated, should have kept it simple, fast and to the point like first part of machete. Although I loved the list of actors and the plot, it was overwhelming and the ending left...

Machete Kills

By named after a movie star
If you are Machete fan you should join the fun with the cast and the witty remarks. Of all cast Lady Gaga held our attention on the screen...way to go ...anyway, we had fun and were one of about...

Too much..

By crowbarmark
I think the makers of the film (ie Rodriguez) said... "LETS GIVE THEM MORE OF THE FIRST ONE".. unfortunately, they give us too much of the wrong thing. Yes.. it was funny in the first one when he...

Bad Ass

By Bono1969
One of the best movie from Robert Rodriguez and great story line and fun stuff of gore and killing so so Rodriguez film. Danny Trejo is da bomb and Michelle Rodriguez dead as sexy love her....

i enjoyed was funny

By aichapruitt
Hopefully the next one will be way better than this one.because the end was not clear has good actor.they just need to make them give more of them.because I think they can do better....

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, some sexual content and language
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Common Sense Media says Over-the-top grindhouse sequel is full of bloody violence.
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