Biggest piece of GARBAGE I have EVER SEEN!

By Romangod7
Written September 07, 2010
I am a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez and I love the trilogy of El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I thought Machete was hateful, idiotic, putrid, ridiculous, assinine, dumb, stupid, inane, insidious, horrible, unnecessary, waste of two hours of my life, waste of gas, waste of a free movie pass, waste of film, waste of projector xenon bulb usage, and the biggest waste of brain synaptic usage in the history of mankind. It is racist, biggoted and extremely hurtful.
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A short sighted and violently bigoted movie

By outinfront
Written September 06, 2010
It's funny how those who cry 'intolerance', 'hate', and 'bigotry', are far more guilty of it than any of those whom they accuse. This movie was nothing but an hour and forty-five minute overtly far left, liberal, anti-conservative, anti-American, pro illegal immigration political statement. You wouldn't know it from the reviews...they have to keep it from you or they know no one would waste their money on this stuff. Oh yeah, and a 'we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us' message. Also, paint the conservative as something he's not and kill whitey was also at the top of the agenda...and it was in your face. Not even close to being subtle. Just throw your ticket money in the trash-it will save you the pain of watching this wreck. Any respect for Alba I had-gone. Michelle Rodriguez-gone. Any actor in this-gone. Because this is the type of movie so overt that you couldn't be a part of unless you agreed with it's message. It's despicable.
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Five Word Review

By dogmovieman
Written September 04, 2010
Action packed bloody fun vengence
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Hollywod Premier

By wenkster
Written September 03, 2010
I was lucky enough to find free tickets to the Hollywod premier on line about 4 hours before it started at the Orpheum in Los Angeles last week. Robert Rodriguez is really cool and unique in allowing the public to come to his premiers. I was lucky enough to be in Austin, Texas when the premier of Predators was taking place. I was just driving by and saw Adrian Brody being interviewed. When I got out and walked by to take a picture someone offered to sell me a ticket. Predators was good, but Machete is fantastic. There are so many great scenes where you just laugh out loud and cheer. If you are a fan of Robert Rodriguez movies, I promise you will not be disappointed. It is everything the Grindhouse preview promised times ten.
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Only an Idiot Would see any kind of redeeming value in this trash

By Demon Child
Written September 11, 2010
i had looked forward to this movie since the phony trailer. Unfortunatly it was nothing but an anti american, pro illegal immigration, with force if necessary. Most scenes painted americans as brainless weapon carrying bigots who had nothing better to do than to shoot pregnant illegals, and kids. There has not been such an anti american and pro illegal immigration film ever. The theme of the film is, never mind the law, we have a right to come to the US, and if we can not do it peacefully, well we will get guns and fight our way across. In other words, this film is a good example why we need an electric fence, guard towers, and get the illegals out of our country. Mr. Rodriguez forgot he was making a film to entertain people - about one minute into the film - and instead insulted every law abiding american citizen. This was an insult to Danny Trejo, who is a fine actor, and should not have been used in an anti american indoctrination film. Nothing but TRASH!!! DONT SEE!!
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