Machete Synopsis
A blade-wielding former Federale (Danny Trejo) seeks revenge against those who betrayed him.
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Biggest piece of GARBAGE I have EVER SEEN!

By Romangod7
I am a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez and I love the trilogy of El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I thought Machete was hateful, idiotic, putrid, ridiculous, assinine, dumb,...

A short sighted and violently bigoted movie

By outinfront
It's funny how those who cry 'intolerance', 'hate', and 'bigotry', are far more guilty of it than any of those whom they accuse. This movie was nothing but an hour and forty-five minute overtly far...

Five Word Review

By dogmovieman
Action packed bloody fun vengence...

Hollywod Premier

By wenkster
I was lucky enough to find free tickets to the Hollywod premier on line about 4 hours before it started at the Orpheum in Los Angeles last week. Robert Rodriguez is really cool and unique in...

Only an Idiot Would see any kind of redeeming value in this trash

By Demon Child
i had looked forward to this movie since the phony trailer. Unfortunatly it was nothing but an anti american, pro illegal immigration, with force if necessary. Most scenes painted americans as...


By gauges89
First off, i think its stupid how people are going into this movie for a serious plot, and are getting upset with the amount of gore and nudity, apparently they never saw the preview, or haven't seen...

..perhaps Robert Rodriguez’s most creative work yet!

By minpinman
Let's get a few IMPORTANT things straight.The title is “Machete”. Not “Love Story”, “Lassie" or even another Rodriguez film, “Spykids”. This is NOT FOR CHILDREN, it IS violent, bloody, w/nudity,...

Five Word Review

By jagger75
wild fun crazy action flick...


By FriskyLadouche
Man I wanted to like this movie It has alot going for it However the preachy aspect kept ruining it for me. I just wanted to dig some campy B movie mayhem, but they couldn't let go of the border...

Not good - very odd mix of a movie

By jknapp1005
Is perfecting the art of remaking bad movies art, or is it just pumping out lousy movies? This movie crosses the line to me. It also not also wastes the talents of great actors, but borders on...

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Extremely violent "grindhouse" actioner isn't for kids.
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