Written June 19, 2010
Is funny if you like spontanous jumps beetween seriousness and silliness. I thought the acting was solid considering the charecters but the dialog went overboard somtimes and parts that could have been funny were exagererated. Its starts off really good and slowly gets dumber and dumber. I liked the first half but my gf fell asleep almost instantly. These kinds of movies have a small demographic but are great if it hits your funnybone. Definetly a hit or miss movie.
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I so wish i hadn't seen this...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 23, 2010
....but because of Ryan Phillipe and Kristin Wiig,alas,I went. Phillipe did his part well,The movie is just so beneath him,or what I thought of him. After I saw him use the celery,my opinion went down. Wiig is too good for this as well. Have to say her perf in the coffee shop saved the day for me though. I had given this a no,but will change to soso. Too inane to even write anymore about. WARNING--DO NOT SPEND MONEY AT THEATRE!
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Very few saving graces on this one

By birac
Written May 24, 2010
Wiigs acting,and good soundtrack made this palatable,but,personally,I wouldn't go again for free. SPOILER with ghost of dead wife in the graveyard is just one example of how tasteless and too far this embarrassment of a movie went.Kilmer,Wiig and Ryan P. must be feeling desperate or something. I really might have enjoyed it a little if the lead was almost anybody else,say Jeremy Piven or Steve Zahn. trust me. spend no money,waste no time.
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By bigR117
Written September 04, 2015
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By AveryFamily3
Written May 25, 2010
Well, not a huge disappointment glad I paid the matenee price. Nasty language not for kids under 15. Would not see again.
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