MacGruber Synopsis
A clueless soldier-of-fortune (Will Forte) must retrieve a stolen nuke from his sworn enemy.
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Is funny if you like spontanous jumps beetween seriousness and silliness. I thought the acting was solid considering the charecters but the dialog went overboard somtimes and parts that could have...

I so wish i hadn't seen this...

By lovestalentmoviefan
....but because of Ryan Phillipe and Kristin Wiig,alas,I went. Phillipe did his part well,The movie is just so beneath him,or what I thought of him. After I saw him use the celery,my opinion went...

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By bigR117
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Very few saving graces on this one

By birac
Wiigs acting,and good soundtrack made this palatable,but,personally,I wouldn't go again for free. SPOILER with ghost of dead wife in the graveyard is just one example of how tasteless...


By AveryFamily3
Well, not a huge disappointment glad I paid the matenee price. Nasty language not for kids under 15. Would not see again....

Five Word Review

By lisalisa223
awful! Vulgar mindless pointless sucked...

Funny movie, but warning!

By brennenbubba
This movie is funny and fun to watch, it SHOULD be R rated and no one under 15 should see it. This movie contains lots of violence, brief nudity, sexual content, and lots of bad language, this movie...

Five Word Review

By wjb123
lousy crap terrible bad awful...

Missed the mark

By fanfmov73
Good concept. I thought it would be a spoof of the hit long-running TV show of a similar name. But a spoof involves some intelligence. This didn't relate to the TV show and was mostly all physical,...

Waste of money

By alice-in-wonderland
Extremely sophomoric, moronic - unfortunately couldn't even enjoy it as a terrible movie!...

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Rated R | For strong crude and sexual content, violence, language and some nudity
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Common Sense Media says Big-screen SNL skit explodes with crass humor, sex, blood.
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