Doesn't live up to its occasional good ideas

By drewbach
Written December 10, 2015
It's under 2 hours and the text is sliced and diced, but this Macbeth still feels over-long. They do some very interesting things with Lady M--here less the usual steely-eyed HBIC and more a grieving, barely functioning drug addict looking for a mission to pull her life together--and the husband/wife relationship, and it's certainly atmospheric. There are a few genuinely affecting scenes, but most of them are marred with odd pacing, overenthusiastic effects, or mumbled speeches. And in the end, the "edgy" choice to make Macbeth a stone cold drug lord removes the character arc, the emotional attachment, the tragedy, and what's left is just a very stylish slasher film with delusions of grandeur.
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