Mabel Paige
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1880
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1953 Torin Thatcher Houdini
1953 Stefan Schnabel Houdini
1953 Sig Rumann Houdini
1953 Michael Pate Houdini
1953 Tony Curtis Houdini
1953 Ian Wolfe Houdini
1953 Tor Johnson Houdini
1953 Frank Jaquet Houdini
1953 Grace Hayle Houdini
1953 Mary Murphy Houdini
1953 Janet Leigh Houdini
1953 Lyle Latell Houdini
1952 Rory Mallinson The Sniper
1952 Adolphe Menjou The Sniper
1952 Grandon Rhodes The Sniper
1952 Nolan Leary The Sniper
1952 Frank Faylen The Sniper
1952 Robert Foulk The Sniper
1952 Richard Kiley The Sniper
1952 Al Hill The Sniper
1952 Marie Windsor The Sniper
1952 Harlan Warde The Sniper
1952 Sidney Miller The Sniper
1952 Howard Negley The Sniper
1952 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton The Sniper
1952 Ralph Peters The Sniper
1952 Billy Wayne The Sniper
1952 Mike Lally The Sniper
1950 John Ridgely Edge of Doom
1950 Robert Keith Edge of Doom
1950 Ellen Corby Edge of Doom
1950 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. Edge of Doom
1950 Ray Teal Edge of Doom
1950 Frances Morris Edge of Doom
1950 Douglas Fowley Edge of Doom
1950 Farley Granger Edge of Doom
1950 Mary Field Edge of Doom
1950 Paul Stewart Edge of Doom
1950 Dana Andrews Edge of Doom
1950 Ian Wolfe The Petty Girl
1950 Mary Wickes The Petty Girl
1950 Dorothy Vaughan The Petty Girl
1950 Philip Van Zandt The Petty Girl
1950 Joan Caulfield The Petty Girl
1950 Melville Cooper The Petty Girl
1950 Tippi Hedren The Petty Girl
1950 Herbert Heywood The Petty Girl
1950 John Ridgely The Petty Girl
1950 Ray Teal The Petty Girl
1950 Robert Cummings The Petty Girl
1950 Elsa Lanchester The Petty Girl
1949 Charles Bickford Roseanna McCoy
1949 Richard Basehart Roseanna McCoy
1949 Aline MacMahon Roseanna McCoy
1949 Hope Emerson Roseanna McCoy
1949 Chuck Hamilton Roseanna McCoy
1949 Farley Granger Roseanna McCoy
1949 Raymond Massey Roseanna McCoy
1949 Ethan Laidlaw Roseanna McCoy
1949 Marshall Thompson Roseanna McCoy
1949 Dan White Roseanna McCoy
1949 Rory Mallinson Roseanna McCoy
1949 John Miller Roseanna McCoy
1949 James Kirkwood Roseanna McCoy
1948 Stanley Clements Canon City
1948 Ralph Byrd Canon City
1948 Jeff Corey Canon City
1948 Scott Brady Canon City
1948 Henry Brandon Canon City
1948 Ruth Warren Canon City
1948 Bill Walker Canon City
1948 Paul Scardon Canon City
1948 Howard Negley Canon City
1948 DeForest Kelley Canon City
1948 Huntz Hall Canon City
1948 Reed Hadley Canon City
1948 John Doucette Canon City
1948 Richard Loo Half Past Midnight
1948 Gil Stratton Half Past Midnight
1948 Kent Taylor Half Past Midnight
1948 Damian O'Flynn Half Past Midnight
1948 Willie Best Half Past Midnight
1948 Tom Dugan Half Past Midnight
1948 Joe Sawyer Half Past Midnight
1948 John Farrell MacDonald If You Knew Susie
1948 Douglas Fowley If You Knew Susie
1948 Fritz Feld If You Knew Susie
1948 Allyn Joslyn If You Knew Susie
1948 Isabel Randolph If You Knew Susie
1948 Sig Rumann If You Knew Susie
1948 Bobby Driscoll If You Knew Susie
1948 Mary Field If You Knew Susie
1948 Charles Dingle If You Knew Susie
1948 Ellen Corby If You Knew Susie
1948 Don Beddoe If You Knew Susie
1948 Eddie Cantor If You Knew Susie
1948 Joe Sawyer If You Knew Susie
1948 Sheldon Leonard If You Knew Susie
1948 Joan Davis If You Knew Susie
1948 Agnes Moorehead Johnny Belinda
1948 Creighton Hale Johnny Belinda
1948 Alan Napier Johnny Belinda
1948 Harry "Snub" Pollard Johnny Belinda
1948 Franklin Farnum Johnny Belinda
1948 Ian Wolfe Johnny Belinda
1948 Monte Blue Johnny Belinda
1948 Jane Wyman Johnny Belinda
1948 Jan Sterling Johnny Belinda
1948 Charles Horvath Johnny Belinda
1948 Lew Ayres Johnny Belinda
1948 Charles Bickford Johnny Belinda
1948 Barbara Bates Johnny Belinda
1948 Evelyn Keyes The Mating of Millie
1948 Glenn Ford The Mating of Millie
1948 Paul Henreid The Scar
1948 Benny Rubin The Scar
1948 Jack Webb The Scar
1948 Nolan Leary The Scar
1948 Lyle Latell The Scar
1948 Henry Brandon The Scar
1948 Franklin Farnum The Scar
1948 Joan Bennett The Scar
1948 Lucien Littlefield The Scar
1948 Cyril Ring The Scar
1948 Norma Varden The Scar
1948 Philip Morris The Scar
1948 John Qualen The Scar
1948 Herbert Rudley The Scar
1947 Grady Sutton Beat the Band
1947 Ellen Corby Beat the Band
1947 Frances Langford Beat the Band
1947 Mira McKinney Beat the Band
1947 Gene Krupa Beat the Band
1947 Dwayne Hickman Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Edward Everett Horton Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Gene Lockhart Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Lucille Ball Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Chuck Hamilton Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Franchot Tone Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Larry Parks Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Arthur Space Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Teddy Infuhr Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Eric Wilton Her Husband's Affairs
1947 Thomas Gomez Johnny O'Clock
1947 Ellen Drew Johnny O'Clock
1947 Kit Guard Johnny O'Clock
1947 Nina Foch Johnny O'Clock
1947 Robert Ryan Johnny O'Clock
1947 Dick Powell Johnny O'Clock
1947 Evelyn Keyes Johnny O'Clock
1947 John Kellogg Johnny O'Clock
1947 Al Hill Johnny O'Clock
1947 Lee J. Cobb Johnny O'Clock
1947 Jeff Chandler Johnny O'Clock
1947 Kenneth MacDonald Johnny O'Clock
1946 Carole Landis Behind Green Lights
1946 Richard Crane Behind Green Lights
1946 Don Beddoe Behind Green Lights
1946 Harry Seymour Behind Green Lights
1946 John Ireland Behind Green Lights
1946 Tom Moore Behind Green Lights
1946 Roy Roberts Behind Green Lights
1946 William Gargan Behind Green Lights
1946 Mary Anderson Behind Green Lights
1946 Greta Granstedt Nocturne
1946 Al Hill Nocturne
1946 James Pierce Nocturne
1946 Betty Farrington Nocturne
1946 Edgar Dearing Nocturne
1946 Bert Moorhouse Nocturne
1946 Janet Shaw Nocturne
1946 John Banner Nocturne
1946 Lynn Bari Nocturne
1946 Edward Ashley Nocturne
1946 Dick Rush Nocturne
1946 Lorin Raker Nocturne
1946 George Raft Nocturne
1945 Teddy Infuhr Dangerous Partners
1945 Horace McNally Dangerous Partners
1945 Signe Hasso Dangerous Partners
1945 George H. Reed Dangerous Partners
1945 Audrey Totter Dangerous Partners
1945 Karin [Katharine] Booth Dangerous Partners
1945 Edmund Gwenn Dangerous Partners
1945 Felix Bressart Dangerous Partners
1945 James Craig Dangerous Partners
1945 Warner Anderson Dangerous Partners
1945 Henry O'Neill Dangerous Partners
1945 Charles Wagenheim Dangerous Partners
1945 Marjorie Main Murder, He Says
1945 Fred MacMurray Murder, He Says
1945 Helen Walker Murder, He Says
1945 Porter Hall Murder, He Says
1945 Si Jenks Murder, He Says
1945 James Flavin Murder, He Says
1945 Milton Parsons Murder, He Says
1945 Peter Whitney Murder, He Says
1945 Ralph Peters Murder, He Says
1945 Esther Dale Out of This World
1945 Bing Crosby Out of This World
1945 Florence Bates Out of This World
1945 Eddie Bracken Out of This World
1945 Davison Clark Out of This World
1945 Diana Lynn Out of This World
1945 Henry King Out of This World
1945 Veronica Lake Out of This World
1945 Charles Moore Out of This World
1945 Lee Bowman She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Charles Winninger She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Willie Best She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Tom Dugan She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Harry Davenport She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Mantan Moreland She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Sam McDaniel She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Rosalind Russell She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Percy Kilbride She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 George Cleveland She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Clarence Muse She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 Eily Malyon She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945 John Tyrrell She Wouldn't Say Yes
1944 Pat Buttram National Barn Dance
1944 Robert Benchley National Barn Dance
1944 Charles Dingle National Barn Dance
1944 Marie Wilson You Can't Ration Love
1944 Marjorie Weaver You Can't Ration Love
1944 Jean Wallace You Can't Ration Love
1943 William Bendix The Crystal Ball
1943 Hillary Brooke The Crystal Ball
1943 Ray Milland The Crystal Ball
1943 Yvonne De Carlo The Crystal Ball
1943 Ernest Truex The Crystal Ball
1943 Cecil Kellaway The Crystal Ball
1943 Paulette Goddard The Crystal Ball
1943 Mary Field The Crystal Ball
1943 Tom Dugan The Crystal Ball
1943 Virginia Field The Crystal Ball
1943 Edgar Dearing The Good Fellows
1943 Norma Varden The Good Fellows
1943 Edward Earle The Good Fellows
1943 Cecil Kellaway The Good Fellows
1943 Rod Cameron The Good Fellows
1943 Helen Walker The Good Fellows
1943 Edward Earle Someone to Remember
1943 Frank Jaquet Someone to Remember
1943 George H. Reed Someone to Remember
1943 Wilbur Mack Someone to Remember
1943 Peter Lawford Someone to Remember
1943 Charles Dingle Someone to Remember
1943 Richard Crane Someone to Remember
1943 Franchot Tone True to Life
1943 Ernest Truex True to Life
1943 Betty Farrington True to Life
1943 Clarence Kolb True to Life
1943 Walter Soderling True to Life
1943 Mary Martin True to Life
1943 Victor Moore True to Life
1943 Charles Moore True to Life
1943 Terry Moore True to Life
1943 Paul Newlan True to Life
1943 Ann Doran True to Life
1943 Dorothy Granger True to Life
1943 William Demarest True to Life
1943 Yvonne De Carlo True to Life
1943 Vernon Dent True to Life
1943 Dick Powell True to Life
1943 Ethel Clayton True to Life
1943 Stanley Andrews True to Life
1943 Grace Hayle True to Life
1943 John Farrell MacDonald True to Life
1942 Eric Blore Happy Go Lucky
1942 Eddie Bracken Happy Go Lucky
1942 Hillary Brooke Happy Go Lucky
1942 Leyland Hodgson Happy Go Lucky
1942 Charles Moore Happy Go Lucky
1942 Lyle Latell Happy Go Lucky
1942 Betty Hutton Happy Go Lucky
1942 Dick Powell Happy Go Lucky
1942 Tom Dugan Happy Go Lucky
1942 Mary Martin Happy Go Lucky
1942 Rudy Vallee Happy Go Lucky
1942 Crane Whitley Lucky Jordan
1942 Lyle Latell Lucky Jordan
1942 Sheldon Leonard Lucky Jordan
1942 Marie McDonald Lucky Jordan
1942 Helen Walker Lucky Jordan
1942 Dave Willock Lucky Jordan
1942 George Meader Lucky Jordan
1942 John Hamilton Lucky Jordan
1942 Yvonne De Carlo Lucky Jordan
1942 William Forrest Lucky Jordan
1942 Anthony Caruso Lucky Jordan
1942 Dorothy Dandridge Lucky Jordan
1942 Ethel Clayton Lucky Jordan
1942 John Harmon Lucky Jordan
1942 Edward Earle Lucky Jordan
1942 William Halligan Lucky Jordan
1942 Alan Ladd Lucky Jordan
1942 Ralph Peters Lucky Jordan
1942 Otto Reichow Lucky Jordan
1942 Al Hill Lucky Jordan
1942 Lloyd Corrigan Lucky Jordan
1942 Elliott Sullivan Lucky Jordan
1942 Betty Farrington My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Richard Carlson My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Frances Gifford My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Florence Bates My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Cecil Kellaway My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Martha O'Driscoll My Heart Belongs to Daddy
1942 Karin [Katharine] Booth Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Bing Crosby Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Jerry Colonna Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Woody Strode Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Marjorie Reynolds Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Cecil B. DeMille Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Victor Moore Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ernest Truex Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 William Bendix Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Robert Preston Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ray Milland Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Preston Sturges Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ralph Murphy Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dick Powell Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Anne Revere Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Walter Catlett Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Rod Cameron Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie Bracken Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Lynne Overman Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Tom Dugan Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 MacDonald Carey Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Gil Lamb Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dorothy Lamour Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Susan Hayward Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Veronica Lake Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Paulette Goddard Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Bob Hope Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Sterling Holloway Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Jimmy Lydon Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Fred MacMurray Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie Marr Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Mary Martin Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Betty Hutton Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Richard Loo Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Diana Lynn Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Cecil Kellaway Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Albert Dekker Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Frank Faylen Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ellen Drew Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Edgar Dearing Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eva Gabor Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Franchot Tone Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Frances Gifford Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Alan Ladd Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dona Drake Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dorothy Granger Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Arthur Treacher Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Martha O'Driscoll Young and Willing
1942 Robert Benchley Young and Willing
1942 Billy Bevan Young and Willing
1942 Betty Farrington Young and Willing
1942 William Holden Young and Willing
1942 Kenneth Griffith Young and Willing
1942 Eddie Bracken Young and Willing
1942 Susan Hayward Young and Willing
1942 Barbara Britton Young and Willing
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