By jill787
Written April 08, 2009
I saw Lymelife at Sundance and it had the whole crowd laughing. Very funny! And it's more of a coming-of-age story than a movie about Lyme disease if that's what is stopping you :)
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By min_movie_
Written April 18, 2009
This was a terrific movie. Although it is another coming of age story, it was extremely entertaining and I was gluded to the story the whole time. I can easily see how Martin Scorsese was involved in this wonderful film. Alec Baldwin was just a gem -- his interactions with Tim Hutton is just a riot. The rest of the cast was excellent -- and I was surprised how much I liked the Culkin brothers. I loved the soundtrack too.
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By Cherry One
Written April 13, 2009
The movie was excellent. Do not expect Alec Baldwin or Cynthia Nixon to carry the movie, they do not. Very entertaining, especially for teens.
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By kburney
Written April 03, 2009
A family drama with some really funny moments! -cute movie
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By ellenluba
Written April 17, 2009
This was an excellent move that I would highly recommend to everyone.
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