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Chicken Khurana ya DIMAG ka KHURANA..

By Saggidarren
Written November 05, 2012
It should have been Abhay Deol. Kunal kapoor doesnt look someone who could pull off this role. Also the movie is stretched. They could have finished the movie in 2:30 mins. They did a mistake revealing the secret ingredient of Chicken Khurana too early. I would wait for the movie to come in DVD and watch it at home.
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By nrchawla
Written November 06, 2012
Great fun movie. Kunal kapoor not a good choice fur the role.
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Yum !

By ajwanivikas
Written November 03, 2012
Yum ! That was I felt while leaving theater. Stomach full but still want more of Chicken Khurana. One of the best recipe for a movie in recent times . Had the best ingredients and well balanced spices to make it great dish. In other words , great writing - script n dialogues , performance, especially Titu Mama, Huma Qureshi, Kunal Kapoor and Rahul Bagga, in this order. This is the real flavor of Punjab. What a climax, loved it. Go n Enjoy this Chicken Khurana
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