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Accompanied by his young nephew (Michael Rainey Jr.), an ex-convict (Common) tries to raise money through a drug deal.
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Loved LUV

By i_gamble
This was/is a great movie for all people. Common really came through as a strong character that was very believable. The boy (Rainey) showed range and was a bit too quick of a study, which was/is...

A very moving story

By veegeenj
Very well done film with a surprising number of well name stars. Good acting and writing. Pretty intense at times, smooth pace. I wish Common appeared in more films; he really is a good actor....

Impressive For First-Time Director

By charbonete
The story had amazing performances and the story had a lot of potential, though it was uneven at times. But definitely worth seeing, especially if you're an African-American man who wants to see a...

Thoughtful and Touching Story

By malston23
I was not sure what to expect from this movie, but I was surprisingly delighted. The story gives you a view into the life of someone who has made mistakes in life, but wants more than to go back into...

A Must See

By Dyanna75
This Movie gives you a real and in depth look at how a young misguided kid is lead into a world he has no place in at such a young age. A Child that had to grow up fast before his time. A Child that...

Good movie ,slightly imbalanced

By er1kblad3
Luv was star studded and the motives had times the movie appeared to be predictable and a little truth stretchy, but in all a good movie...

In with LUV

This movie showed a different side to Common's acting skills which I enjoyed. Michael Rainey Jr was phenomenal. I went through every emotion watching him. He's a natural and very endearing. I'm a...

This movie is really good.

By skyyballer
Get ready to take an emotional journey. This is a must see. I feel like I can't give the real review I want to because I don't want to give up anything, but I must say that it is a great movie all...

By guido.alicia
Luv,Luv,Luv this movie. This is a must see ??????...


By Yrbpoints
Really enjoyed the movie Common and Michael Rainey, Jr did a great job....

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Rated R | For Vioence, language, child endangerment and some drug content
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Gritty drama follows young boy exposed to violence, drugs.
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