dont miss it

By oike
Written September 26, 2007
Ang Lee is one of two director can bring Eileen Chang's work to the screen. another one is Wong Kai-Wai. Tony Leung is the dream actor for all directors, u will have this feeling as long as u have watched 'in the mood for love' the performance of Tang Wei in this movie is hard to describe. thousand of 'excellent' are never enough for her. what i can say? oh God, there she is!
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By beetboop111
Written September 04, 2007
Absolutely one of the most beautiful films of all times. The irony is that it is an action thriller and still manages to be gorgeous.
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Can't miss

By Trilobitus
Written August 01, 2007
I have my belief in Ang! The cast is great, the story is unbelievable.
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Lust, Caution

By djpines
Written December 09, 2007
What a powerful film. Kept drawing me into the storyline. However, I think there was no need for the explicit sex scenes. This, to me, was the only negative to the film and would keep a certain age audience from this great historical piece. Would have to rate this as an X film due to the numerous nude scenes. Fantaastic directing!
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Beautiful, & haunting film

By Duppy_Conqueror
Written October 11, 2007
Great movie, compelling story, gorgeous cinematography. Definitely worth checking out. It is, however, not an action movie, so if your expecting Bourne Identity it's not for you.
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