Lupino Lane
Date of Birth
Jun 16, 1892
Birth Place:
London, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1940 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Lambeth Walk
1940 Seymour Hicks The Lambeth Walk
1940 Sally Gray The Lambeth Walk
1936 Ben Welden Hot News
1935 Guy Middleton Trust the Navy
1935 Ben Welden Trust the Navy
1935 James Finlayson Who's Your Father?
1935 Jean Kent Who's Your Father?
1933 Basil Radford A Southern Maid
1933 Bebe Daniels A Southern Maid
1933 Stewart Granger A Southern Maid
1931 George Dewhurst Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Dennis Hoey Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Wally Patch Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Merle Oberon Never Trouble Trouble
1930 Ford Sterling Bride of the Regiment
1930 Walter Pidgeon Bride of the Regiment
1930 Myrna Loy Bride of the Regiment
1930 Louise Fazenda Bride of the Regiment
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Golden Dawn
1930 Bill Shine The Yellow Mask
1929 Eugene Pallette His Private Life
1929 Adolphe Menjou His Private Life
1929 Maurice Chevalier The Love Parade
1929 Virginia Bruce The Love Parade
1929 Jean Harlow The Love Parade
1929 Jeanette MacDonald The Love Parade
1929 Lillian Roth The Love Parade
1929 Russell Powell The Love Parade
1929 Eugene Pallette The Love Parade
1929 Ben Turpin The Love Parade
1929 Carl Stockdale The Love Parade
1924 Neil Hamilton Isn't Life Wonderful
1924 Carol Dempster Isn't Life Wonderful
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