Don't Listen to the "Critics" - A must see!

By rabid_nerd
Written May 04, 2007
How often do the critics dump on the best movies?
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Lucky You

By timlin
Written May 11, 2007
Although probably NOT a candicate for an Academy Award, it was a fun movie, and some good family and moral values threaded thoughout the story. Of course, my husband LOVES to watch Championship Poker, so he enjoyed it also. It was a sweet romantic comedy to be enjoyed when you just aren't up for one of the wild, unrealistic Sci-Fi's, or murder and blood & guts. This gives you a funny, enjoyable alternative.
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too many poker analogies

By mlockwoo79
Written May 05, 2007
This movie was very boring. My husband, and AVID poker player was even excited about seeing it, and it was so dull he wanted to leave the theater!! A rental at BEST. very disappointed.
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Awesome Movie! ! !

By todd2rip
Written May 04, 2007
Amazing movie, better then Rounders ! ! !
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"Lucky you"

By budman1
Written May 02, 2007
What can I say about Eric Bana, except he is the greatest actor in quite a while.
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