Any movie about porn....

By subxerogravity
Written November 03, 2016
I'll give the picture some credit. It's a typical found footage film with it's on niche about a porn site that allows fans to sleep with a porn star, and the one fan that basically ruins it for all the others. Outside of this creativity, you can guess where the story is going from the moment the fan was decided upon, which would be fine if the events in-between where a lot more interesting. I don't dislike porn and I actually like movies that tell the behind the scenes look at porn, but this movie did a really bad job of it. Maybe because they tried to make the charters seem like good people despite the slight hint that the film makers themselves are leaning towards the negative side of porn. So if you believe porn is bad than this movie maybe for you, but I would wait for it to come out on DVD.
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