What a garbage movie

By mc_movie
Written February 08, 2009
I saw number of people walk out within first 30 minutes (which I wanted to within first 15 minutes). But I had to exit eventually within 45 minutes. A sheer waste of money and time.
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Great movie

By samitkumbhani
Written February 03, 2009
This movie was really nice...It was different then the normal movies. Pretty much know where the movie is going, but the acting was really nice. All actors were nice and songs were good too. Must watch !!!!
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Grab Your Chances before Someone Else Snatches it!

By amichandwala
Written February 08, 2009
I think most of the people who gave NO rating to this movie just didn't get the bottom line about the movie. Also, the crux of the story really unfolds in the second half so too bad for people who left in the first hour. The story tells you that when you really want something in your life, try everything in your control to move close to it... But if you don't put in the efforts, don't blame your luck for being bad! You don't have to be selfish & self centered like the central character of the movie but always pursue your dreams. And even if you land up being an inch closer to your goals, you will be a much more happier person, then someone who feels there is no real purpose of someone's life ---
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to long

By samir0_14
Written February 09, 2009
Please watch it on DVD not worth it to watch in theater. its too long, and boring, I left movie during interval....
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By Fakhruddin52
Written February 06, 2009
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