Lucille La Verne
Date of Birth
Nov 08, 1872
Birth Place:
Nashville, TN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1937 Billy Gilbert Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1937 Marge Champion Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1935 Anna Q. Nilsson School for Girls
1935 Dorothy Lee School for Girls
1935 Edward J. Le Saint School for Girls
1935 Anne Shirley School for Girls
1935 Charles Ray School for Girls
1935 Purnell Pratt School for Girls
1935 Myrtle Stedman School for Girls
1935 Lois Wilson School for Girls
1935 Robert Warwick School for Girls
1935 George Cleveland School for Girls
1935 Paul Kelly School for Girls
1935 William Farnum School for Girls
1935 Rolfe Sedan A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Donald Woods A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Blanche Yurka A Tale of Two Cities
1935 C. Montague Shaw A Tale of Two Cities
1935 H.B. Warner A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Henry B. Walthall A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Robert Warwick A Tale of Two Cities
1935 E.E. Clive A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Ronald Colman A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Billy Bevan A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Boyd Irwin A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Isabel Jewell A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Walter Catlett A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Reginald Owen A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Edward Peil Sr. A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Basil Rathbone A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Eily Malyon A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Tully Marshall A Tale of Two Cities
1935 Edna May Oliver A Tale of Two Cities
1934 Clara Blandick Beloved
1934 C. Montague Shaw Beloved
1934 Josef Swickard Beloved
1934 John Boles Beloved
1934 Mary Gordon Beloved
1934 James Flavin Beloved
1934 Mae Busch Beloved
1934 Mickey Rooney Beloved
1934 King Baggot Beloved
1934 Gloria Stuart Beloved
1934 Louis Mason Kentucky Kernels
1934 Mary Carlisle Kentucky Kernels
1934 Bert Wheeler Kentucky Kernels
1934 Robert Woolsey Kentucky Kernels
1934 Noah Beery, Sr. Kentucky Kernels
1934 George "Spanky" McFarland Kentucky Kernels
1934 William Pawley Kentucky Kernels
1934 Margaret Dumont Kentucky Kernels
1934 Ruth Warren The Last Trail
1934 George H. Reed The Last Trail
1934 Edward J. Le Saint The Last Trail
1934 Claire Trevor The Last Trail
1934 George O'Brien The Last Trail
1934 J. Carrol Naish The Last Trail
1934 Rochelle Hudson The Mighty Barnum
1934 Virginia Bruce The Mighty Barnum
1934 Davison Clark The Mighty Barnum
1934 Adolphe Menjou The Mighty Barnum
1934 Frank Morgan The Mighty Barnum
1934 Greta Meyer The Mighty Barnum
1934 Ian Wolfe The Mighty Barnum
1934 Wallace Beery The Mighty Barnum
1934 Herman Bing The Mighty Barnum
1933 Heather Angel Pilgrimage
1933 Robert Warwick Pilgrimage
1933 Betty Blythe Pilgrimage
1933 Charles Grapewin Pilgrimage
1933 Hedda Hopper Pilgrimage
1932 Richard Barthelmess Alias the Doctor
1932 Claire Dodd Alias the Doctor
1932 Boris Karloff Alias the Doctor
1932 John St. Polis Alias the Doctor
1932 Chester Morris Breach of Promise
1932 Mae Clarke Breach of Promise
1932 Charles B. Middleton Breach of Promise
1932 Elizabeth Patterson Breach of Promise
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Hearts of Humanity
1932 Jean Hersholt Hearts of Humanity
1932 Jackie Searl Hearts of Humanity
1932 Richard Wallace Hearts of Humanity
1932 James Kirkwood She Wanted a Millionaire
1932 Spencer Tracy She Wanted a Millionaire
1932 Una Merkel She Wanted a Millionaire
1932 Joan Bennett She Wanted a Millionaire
1932 Joan Blondell Union Depot
1932 Alan Hale Union Depot
1932 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Union Depot
1932 Ed Brady Union Depot
1932 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Union Depot
1932 Dickie Moore Union Depot
1932 Guy Kibbee Union Depot
1932 Frank McHugh Union Depot
1932 Dwight Frye Wayne Murder Case
1932 Harry Myers Wayne Murder Case
1932 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Wayne Murder Case
1932 Regis Toomey Wayne Murder Case
1932 Helen Mack While Paris Sleeps
1932 Victor McLaglen While Paris Sleeps
1932 Dot Farley While Paris Sleeps
1932 Randolph Scott Wild Horse Mesa
1932 Charles Grapewin Wild Horse Mesa
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes Wild Horse Mesa
1932 Buddy Roosevelt Wild Horse Mesa
1932 Fred Kohler Wild Horse Mesa
1931 George Barbier 24 Hours
1931 Miriam Hopkins 24 Hours
1931 Kay Francis 24 Hours
1931 Minor Watson 24 Hours
1931 Clive Brook 24 Hours
1931 Regis Toomey 24 Hours
1931 Russell Powell An American Tragedy
1931 Sylvia Sidney An American Tragedy
1931 Frances Dee An American Tragedy
1931 Claire Dodd An American Tragedy
1931 George Irving An American Tragedy
1931 Charles B. Middleton An American Tragedy
1931 Johnny Mack Brown The Great Meadow
1931 Helen Jerome Eddy The Great Meadow
1931 Eleanor Boardman The Great Meadow
1931 Anita Louise The Great Meadow
1931 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Great Meadow
1931 Estelle Taylor The Unholy Garden
1931 William Von Brincken The Unholy Garden
1931 Fay Wray The Unholy Garden
1931 Tully Marshall The Unholy Garden
1931 Henry Kolker The Unholy Garden
1931 Kit Guard The Unholy Garden
1931 Mischa Auer The Unholy Garden
1931 Ronald Colman The Unholy Garden
1930 Henry Kolker Abraham Lincoln
1930 Edgar Dearing Abraham Lincoln
1930 Una Merkel Abraham Lincoln
1930 Walter Huston Abraham Lincoln
1930 Henry B. Walthall Abraham Lincoln
1930 Carl Stockdale Abraham Lincoln
1930 Hobart Bosworth Abraham Lincoln
1930 Louis Natheaux Little Caesar
1930 Larry Steers Little Caesar
1930 Edward G. Robinson Little Caesar
1930 George E. Stone Little Caesar
1930 Stanley Fields Little Caesar
1930 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Little Caesar
1930 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Little Caesar
1930 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Little Caesar
1930 Glenda Farrell Little Caesar
1930 Armand Kaliz Little Caesar
1930 Joan Blondell Sinner's Holiday
1930 Purnell Pratt Sinner's Holiday
1930 James Cagney Sinner's Holiday
1925 Conrad Nagel Sun Up
1925 Conrad Nagel Sun-Up
1924 Lionel Barrymore America
1924 Louis Wolheim America
1924 Neil Hamilton America
1924 Harry Semels America
1924 Carol Dempster America
1923 Una Merkel The White Rose
1923 Mae Marsh The White Rose
1923 Neil Hamilton The White Rose
1923 Carol Dempster The White Rose
1923 H.B. Warner Zaza
1923 Helen Mack Zaza
1923 Gloria Swanson Zaza
1922 Lillian Gish Orphans of the Storm
1922 Monte Blue Orphans of the Storm
1922 Louis Wolheim Orphans of the Storm
1922 Dorothy Gish Orphans of the Storm
1922 Joseph Schildkraut Orphans of the Storm
1922 Creighton Hale Orphans of the Storm
1922 Flora Finch Orphans of the Storm
1917 Mae Marsh Polly of the Circus
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