L. Scott Caldwell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Louis Gossett, Jr. The Lamp
2003 Annabella Sciorra Queens Supreme [TV Series]
2003 Oliver Platt Queens Supreme [TV Series]
2003 Robert Loggia Queens Supreme [TV Series]
2000 Sean Patrick Thomas Graham's Diner
1996 Dean Stockwell Twilight Man
1996 Tim Matheson Twilight Man
1995 Terry Kinney Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Don Cheadle Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Jennifer Beals Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Tom Sizemore Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Denzel Washington Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Maury Chaykin Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 Cliff Gorman Down Came a Blackbird
1995 Jay O. Sanders Down Came a Blackbird
1995 Vanessa Redgrave Down Came a Blackbird
1995 Raul Julia Down Came a Blackbird
1995 Laura Dern Down Came a Blackbird
1995 Sandra Bullock The Net
1995 Ken Howard The Net
1995 Jeremy Northam The Net
1995 Diane Baker The Net
1993 Kirsten Dunst Darkness Before Dawn
1993 Stephen Lang Darkness Before Dawn
1993 Meredith Baxter Darkness Before Dawn
1993 Ed Lauter Extreme Justice
1993 Stephen Root Extreme Justice
1993 Lou Diamond Phillips Extreme Justice
1993 Scott Glenn Extreme Justice
1993 Yaphet Kotto Extreme Justice
1993 Joe Pantoliano The Fugitive
1993 Sela Ward The Fugitive
1993 Tommy Lee Jones The Fugitive
1993 Jeroen Krabbé The Fugitive
1993 Harrison Ford The Fugitive
1993 Jane Lynch The Fugitive
1993 Julianne Moore The Fugitive
1993 Andy Romano The Fugitive
1992 Beverly D'Angelo The Switch
1992 Gary Cole The Switch
1992 Craig T. Nelson The Switch
1991 Kristy McNichol Baby of the Bride
1991 Kathleen Freeman Dutch
1991 Ed O'Neill Dutch
1991 JoBeth Williams Dutch
1991 Christopher McDonald Dutch
1991 Dennis Boutsikaris Love, Lies & Murder
1991 Ramon Bieri Love, Lies & Murder
1991 John Ashton Love, Lies & Murder
1991 Moira Kelly Love, Lies & Murder
1991 Cynthia Nixon Love, Lies & Murder
1991 Clancy Brown Love, Lies & Murder
1990 Lonette McKee Dangerous Passion
1990 Carl Weathers Dangerous Passion
1990 Billy Dee Williams Dangerous Passion
1988 Dorian Harewood God Bless the Child
1988 Mare Winningham God Bless the Child
1984 Mario Van Peebles The Exterminator 2
1984 John Turturro The Exterminator 2
1984 Arye Gross The Exterminator 2
1983 Caroline Aaron Without a Trace
1983 William H. Macy Without a Trace
1983 Stockard Channing Without a Trace
1983 David Dukes Without a Trace
1983 Terry O'Quinn Without a Trace
1983 Kate Nelligan Without a Trace
1983 Judd Hirsch Without a Trace
1983 Kathleen Widdoes Without a Trace
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